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What is SEO and How to do SEO: The Effective SEO Tutorial 2021
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What is SEO and How to do SEO: The Effective SEO Tutorial 2021

In this SEO tutorial on how to do SEO, you will learn what is SEO in simple words, how to do SEO and how to make website SEO optimized. In this SEO tutorial, I will include all the SEO for beginners guide to make it easy to understand and run with.

To be candid, SEO is a very good option for anyone who wants to make a career from it, all you need is to know and understand the basics. This will help you increase your website search engine visibility and build an online presence.

Now let dive into business.

How to do SEO: What is SEO in Simple Words?

Before you know how to do SEO, you must first of all know understand what is SEO in simple words.

What SEO is in simple words is Search Engine Optimization which is the method of increasing the quality of your online content and website traffic so that search engines like Google and Bing,

To display them as a top ranking result for a particular keyword which will give birth to more sales and conversions.

How to do SEO: Why SEO Is Important for your online success?

You may be asking why SEO matters or why SEO is Important for your online success, the truth is, about half of the world’s population are online each day. And search engine is now the thinking tank of every persons, as queries as been entered every day.

As a result of these huge numbers of persons flooding the internet and navigating through different websites, you can’t but know how to do SEO for your online success. These traffics are both very huge and exceptionally valuable.

As an online business owner or a digital marketing executive, your business needs SEO for search engine visibility and sales and that is why you need to learn how to do SEO. Let me outline the main reasons why SEO is important for your online success.

  • It helps drive in traffics which are organic to your business through your website.
  • It increases brand awareness
  • It helps you sell your product and services easily.
  • It’s one of the best way to rank high on search engines.
  • The more organic traffic generated by SEO, the more sales you make
  • SEO provides the potential customer to your business
  • SEO helps you build trust and authority
  • It helps you rank high in SERPs

Now that you know the SEO benefits, let’s examine the types of SEO before heading to how to do SEO proper.

How to do SEO: Types of SEO

In this section of how to do SEO tutorial, we are going to look into the types of SEO existing.

Types of SEO: White Hat SEO

how to do seo works for business
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Image Source: Google

The white hat SEO techniques is method of increasing the quality of a website in line with the rules and regulations complied or lay down by search engine.

This is the process of optimizing your website content for your audience. This kind of SEO technique is major focused on your audience, which is you are creating quality content for your audience delight.

It might interest you to know that, white hat SEO’s impact might not be quick as possible but be rest assured that the returns are overwhelming and long-lasting.

Even as Google tend to updates their algorithm constantly or almost 600 times a year,  but any website using the white hat types of SEO is not impacted negatively

Features of White Hat SEO

  • High-quality website or blog content
  • Unique and Engaging Content
  • Increasing the quality of HTML of a website
  • Quality link building

White hat SEO is the best way on how to do SEO.

Types of SEO: Black Hat SEO

Another way of how to do SEO is using the Black Hat SEO, this is the process of driving in traffic using a method that is against the rules and regulations of search engine.

I will term Black Hat SEO as an illegal process of getting traffic to a business or website. Though this SEO techniques is used by digital marketers, SEO experts for quick results and sales but does not live long.

The truth is, any website involved in this technique has a high risk of been banned by Google or any other search engine.

Black Hat SEO is a bad way on how to do SEO.

Features of Black Hat SEO

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Plagiarism
  • Hidden links
  • Cloaking
  • Link spamming
  • Paid backlinks

How to do SEO: Keyword Research and Analysis In SEO

In this section of how to do SEO, we will be examining keyword research and analysis in SEO. You can’t go through any SEO tutorial without the knowledge of keyword research and analysis.

The best tactics on how to make website SEO optimized is to do keyword research and come up with the most effective keyword your website will rank with on search engines.

Before you can start keyword research and analysis in SEO for your business growth, you must first come up with the main purpose or the aim objective of your website, I mean what is the intent of your website and how does it help your business goal and connect with your audience.

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Your website must connect with your business goals and engage your audience. Your ranking keyword for website and for audience might be different, but must be well researched for. You must also know how to use keywords in content writing.

Let quickly run through the key factors for coming up with the most relevant keyword for targeting.

Factors for keyword research and targeting

Search Volume

Search volume or number of searches is the amount of persons making a particular query (keyword) over a period. You must first of all identify the search volume of a given keyword.

Advantages of Search Volume

  • It helps you know the best keyword to use
  • It helps you increase your website traffic
  • It also help you to prioritize keywords
  • With search volume you choose the most relevant keyword for digital marketing strategy


This is strategically identifying the most suitable keyword for your website content. This is the most easiest assignment while looking for a keyword.

Some keyword might not be the appropriate for your business, but with keyword relevancy, you are sure of getting the most appropriate for your website.

Advantages of Relevance

  • It generate more traffic to your website
  • It makes your website perform better

Analysing Your Competitors

Getting to know your competitors is very good as this will help you plan strategically to better performance. You need to check up on their activities for what is working for them. Well this is not a bad practise but a measure for better productivity.

Track the keywords that’s yielding result for them, this will help you identity a better keyword for your website. You can make a list of keywords that’s working well for your competitor and prioritize them.

Advantages of Analysing Your Competitors

  • It helps you optimize your website with the efficient keyword
  • It save you time of making any further keyword research

How do you do SEO for a Website

In this section of how to do SEO, we will be examining how do you SEO for a website and after going through it, you will be able to do SEO for a website and optimize it.

So let’s get started:

Keyword Optimization

For you to attain online success from organic search, it’s very important to do keyword research and analysis for the appropriate search engine keyword your website wants to rank for.

For you to know how to do SEO, keyword optimization is very important.

Keyword optimization is a success when a every category of SEO is properly taken care of. For a proper optimized keyword, you need to make a proper relevancy of the keyword and its popularity.

So to make website SEO optimized, very keyword that’s targeted must include the follow:

Title Tag: This is the most effective place to put your keyword you want to target in your website. Placing your targeted keyword into the title tag will help increase the quality of your website both on-page and off-page optimization for search engine.

Links: Adding your keyword to the link of your website will not only optimize your website but it’s an important way to increase traffic. This will help your website rank higher in search results when the keyword is searched.

Content: it’s very important to also include your targeted keyword in your post or content, that way your content ranks higher in search engine.

Images: Another way to optimize your website is adding your keyword to the image alt attribute and the file name.

URL: Your URL must contain your targeted keyword and every of your website’s content slug.

Optimization of Meta Tags

Meta Tags are essential component of how to do SEO and an important element of your website that tells search engine bots the ingredient contained in your website. So let get going…

Meta Description: This is very important in the growth of your website and helps in getting more clicks to your website. Inclusion of your optimized keyword into the Meta description tag will add more quality to your website, but ensure not to add more than the required numbers or else you will be flagged for keyword stuffing. Every of your page’s Meta description should differ from each other.

Title and Anchor Text Optimization

Adding your focus keyword in your title and anchor text is another way of how to do SEO and how to make website SEO optimized. Ensure to include primary and secondary keyword phrase in the title of your website homepage.

This is very important as every of your website pages ought to have a unique and separate title, more so, this title must contain the primary keyword.

Your descriptive anchor text must be included in all text links. As this will helps search engine recognise your website properly.

Link Building

how to use keywords Search Engine Visibility
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Image Source OptinMonster

Link building is an essential part of how to do SEO, and in very search engine optimization tutorial, it’s a must you know how to build links. Though SEO might be a little complex and revolving, but one thing remains and that’s the relevance of link building.

Link building is defined as the process of acquiring hyperlinks from higher ranking websites to your personal website.

Benefits of Link Building

  • It makes your visitors easily have access to other pages on your website
  • It helps improve your website ranking in the search engine.
  • It increases your website popularity and credibility
  • It increases your website authority.

Link Building Tips and Tactics

Building Good Relationships with others

In the world of link building, it’s important to know on how to do SEO, relationships is very important, I mean a good one as that. You should first start building and nurturing one in your niche or industry.

Perhaps, there are many ways of building a healthy relationship that will help link building.

Start with these simple steps:

  • Connect with communities, social media groups and forum in your niche
  • Start to contribute meaningful and qualitative discussions and informations
  • Offer valuable answers to questions

In doing these and many more, you create a path in which people will start tracking and knowing you, and this will help you get a number of backlinks.

Ask for Backlinks

The best way to get backlinks is by asking for them.

Connecting with other website or blog owners with a quality content and asking them for backlinks is the surest way to get them. But it must be relevant to your niche because, if not, it will impact negatively on your website.

Starting a Blog

To get backlinks, you need to start a blog and be consistent with it.

Though blogging takes time to gain authority, but you must keep it alive, update it continuously and offer the needed links.

Importantly, make your content relevant, unique and it should be well-structured.

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Write and Publish Good Guest Post

Another good way to build links is by offering Guest posting 

A lot of websites allow guest posting as this is why they are built; this is to enable the publications of articles with backlinks.

Make sure that the website or blog you are aiming to guest post is in line with the topic you’re about or writing on.

Always remember to guest post quality content.

List Your Websites in Trustworthy Directories

Listing your website in online directories is a very good way to build links. Moreover, there are a lot of online directory you enlist your website.

Ensure to check directories that give backlinks and offers quality content to readers.

And make sure that such online directory is connected to your industry or niche.

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Mobile SEO

In this SEO tutorial on how to do SEO, we will be looking at Mobile SEO. Let me tell you a secret:

Mobile SEO is very important but it’s an untapped SEO strategy and most online business owners most time ignore it.

With the recent surge in Smartphone and mobile searches, it’s very important to note it’s a device generating more customers and sales.

Read what mobile SEO is and its impact on SEO strategy. To summaries it, mobile SEO is mobile search engine optimization.

It’s the process of increasing the quality of content of your website to get higher ranking for mobile Webpages’ in SERPs. This is another practices on how to do SEO.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

Page Speed: One of the most Mobile SEO best practices on how to do SEO is to increase your website Page Speed, and this is to reduce the percentage of bounce back rate. The recommended Google’s mobile Page Speed is 3.0s. It’s important to reduce the loading speed as it is very crucial.

Tips to Increase Page Speed

  • Decrease the loading time of the page
  • Optimizing the images
  • Minimize codes
  • Reduce HTTP requests

Website Design for Mobile: Ensure you simplify your website for mobile users, and make sure you avoid using pop-up ads on mobile as it irritate some users and will eventually lead to high bounce rate.

In addition, let your website design accommodate both fat and slim users’ finger for normal touch and avoiding clicks that are not necessary.

Optimize Titles & Meta Descriptions: Try to display a concise and straight to the point descriptions with your titles, meta descriptions and URLs. With these, you display your best works in the SERPs.

Search Engine’s Activities

how seo works for business
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search engine

Let’s look into the search engine activities as this is important when knowing how to do SEO

Crawling: This is the collection of informations regarding your website via your website titles, images, linked pages , the meta descriptions and keywords as crawlers, Google bots and Spiders crawl through your web pages.

Indexing: This is the process where the informations collected by crawlers, spiders and Google bots are obtained and storage in the database.

Processing: this is analysing the search strings in the search box with the indexed web pages in the database of the search engine.

Calculate Relevancy: This is the process of computing the correctness and importance of each of the web pages.

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

how to do seo on-page and off-page seo
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Types of SEO

In rounding up this SEO tutorial on how to do SEO, let’s talk about the two scopes of SEO

On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO in the method of increasing the quality of your website by;

  • Provide quality content
  • Proper placing and allocation of keywords
  • Using the appropriate title, images, URL and meta descriptions.

Some On-Page Practises that you should make use of are:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Increasing Page speed
  • Meta Tags
  • Content Marketing
  • Internal Page Linking
  • Images Optimization

Off-Page SEO: This is the method of driving or generating traffic to your website using social media, forums, Community Page and Brand awareness.

Key elements of off-page SEO are:

  • Guest posting
  • Backlinking
  • Social media
  • Blog posting
  • Article submission


I’m very much happy for taking you through the SEO tutorial on how to do SEO, I am hopeful that with this guide you should be able to implement all you’ve learnt into practise.

We’ve gone through the following in this guide

  • What is SEO in Simple Words?
  • Why SEO Is Important for your online success?
  • Types of SEO
  • Keyword Research and Analysis In SEO and
  • How do you do SEO for a Website

Now that you have learn the how to do SEO and found this guide useful, you can share it with your friends and family and also should you have any opinion please share it in the comment box.

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