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Digital Marketing Definition
Website Strategies and Goals For Business Growth 2021
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Website Strategies and Goals For Business Growth 2021

Website strategies and goals are keys component of any business promotion tactics and a good way to build your online presence. The goals for a website are the key to how you implement your digital marketing strategy and successful your business will be.

In this post, I will take you through how you can set your website strategies and goals and how you can blend it to meet the need of your visitors.

Let’s get started;

Website Strategies and Goals: Importance of Strategy and A Goal.

Before I get started the importance of website strategies and goals, let me quickly define these two terms. It’s important you know its content before we move ahead.

Goal: This is defined as an idea a person plans and he’s committed and passionate to achieve it. It’s also an idea that’s observable, measurable with an end result with listed aims and objectives to be achieved within a fix time frame.

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Strategies: Is the art and science of setting up and using organize way for the most efficient and effective use. And can also be define as a methodology or plan chosen to bring about a desired goal by a means.

Sincerely, when starting out to build a website for your online business, it can be irresistible to forget the goal of a website to the fun part like the design of your homepage. And getting insight from an already functional website and planning the features you might want to include.

There are a lot more important things to think of other than the awesome and fancy homepage and functionality. Your main concern should be your website goals and objectives.

Not having a website goals and objectives will not give you direction and purpose and can destruction the success of your business. Your website strategies and goals can’t come to realistic without properly planned objectives.

Now that we’ve talked about your first priority about starting a website for your business, let’s talk about the goals of a website and it’s important.

I have designed a simple guide and instance goals to start up with, so your website can have a long-term success.

Website Strategies and Goals: How to get started with your website goals

website planning
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In getting started on how to get a goal for your business website, you start by writing out any business goal you may think of or that comes to your mind.

Now that you’ve listed out your business goal,

Start off by listing any general business goals that come to mind. Work round this goals and see how your website can assist in making these goals a reality. Well having a great website is what every business owner needs, but what is a great website to you?

What a great website should achieve

A great website should:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Display your services and collections
  • Help reduce your working hours
  • Increase ROI
  • Get the most out of productivity

Ensure not to unrealistic as you set your goals. The goals of a website are what make the website a purpose driven one. And putting down a well planned website strategies and goals will increase website visibility and drive in search engine organic traffic.

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The goals of a website are embedded in the SMARTER acronym. And if implemented properly, then your website strategies and goals will be efficient and effective. Now let’s discuss what the SMARTER goals.

S:-Specific – your website goal must be unique and definite

M:-Measurable – the goals for your website should be scalable

A:-Achievable – your website goal should be accomplishable

R:-Relevant – the goal of your website should be realistic and significant

T:-Time sensitive – your goal should be time framed to ascertain your milestone.

E:-Evaluated – your goal should be constantly looked into to know your process and downfall.

R:-Reviewed – your website goal should be reviewed regularly

The goals of a website is great when it is purpose driven and should be in connection with a business’s goal. Your website strategies and goals should blend with the goals of your business.

So, what purpose is your website base on? What are the major informations you want your visitors to know and what action do you want them to take. Jot them down and build on them.

User Goals For A Website: Steps To Set Your Website Goals

The user goals for a website are the main discussion for this section. Now that you have gotten a pure picture of the purpose of your website, setting up your goals will be very easy.

You must consider the products and services you are about to offer and the industry you are into before you start setting your goals. So let’s deal with the steps to set your website goals in the website strategies and goals, thereafter we’ll talk about the strategies.

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Creating A Brand And Influence In The Industry

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Your first goal in setting up an online marketing presence with your website is to establish your brand and authority in the industry. Been known as an authority in the industry, will help boost your digital marketing efforts and make everything easy.

Showcasing your wealth of knowledge to your audience by making clear your products and services and dishing our unique and engaging content is one great way to accomplish this.

Exemplary Points Of This Category Of Website Goal Include:

  • Enhancing the publicity of a new product and service through marketing by 70% and taking a survey before and after you launch your website/business.
  • Targeting a New Market
  • Starting a rebranding process.

Boosting Of  Business’s Bottom Line.

What I mean here is increasing sales by conversions – from prospects to customers. It could be selling new business product or services, increasing contact form submissions, growing the company’s email list, or boosting productivity. Making more money is the popular website goal every owner wants.

Exemplary Points Of This Category Of Website Goal Include:

  • Increasing the numbers of conversions by 35%
  • Having a monthly targeted sales by 55%
  • Boosting website conversion rate by 10%

Automation & Streamlining Integrations

Another website goal you should consider is the automation and the integrations of the appropriate software that will help the streamlining and automation process of your website. With automation process, sending of bulk newsletters and emails to subscribers, payment automations process for online buyers. Let your website work for you.

Exemplary Points Of This Category Of Website Goal Include:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction by 15%
  • Minimizing time rate to complete task by 30%

It’s important to set a realistic goal that unites your business goals and your visitors’ inquiries. And ensure these goals are achievable.

Now that you have outline what your business goals are, be sure you write them down and continue to work and take the needed actions on them. Ensure to hire a good website designer to do the work for you.

It’s time to talk about how you can achieve these goals with your website.

Website Strategies and Goals: How to Accomplish Your Goals With Your Website

In this section, you will read through the right steps to help you achieve the goals you’ve set. It’s important to note here that this guide will only help you in the right path to fulfilling your website strategies and goals.

Ensure Your Website Is Easily Accessible

To ensure that your website goals are achievable, follow these steps:

  • Make your site user-friendly
  • Use descriptive links like Read More…
  • Add alt tags to all your images
  • Use subtitles for your videos
  • Adequate sizes for your fonts ( 16px for body type font )
  • Strong colour contrast
  • Good menu navigation

Always evaluate your success and keep improving on it

It’s important to evaluate your goals to keep track of your process. One way to get this done is to make use of the analytics. Set and implement your goals, measure it using the Google analytics to know what’s working and what’s not.

Use this link to sign up to Google analytics, get the unique code for your website and insert it into your head section <head></head> of your website html code

Create Unique and Engaging Content

This practice is a must if you really want to gain more online presence and authority. Unique and engaging content is key to attract your target market. The only way to make more online sales, is writing engaging content that solves the need of your readers.

Do you want more leads? Let a good content that solve the needs of your readers solve the equations.

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As you write a good copy, ensure to include a clear call-to-action button for them to take the next step. But if you are finding it difficult writing a good copy for your product and services, contact Web Solution Blog.

Let Your Website Be Responsive and User-Friendly

Website strategies and goals
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Responsive website

One factor that kills any website quickly the most is not been responsive on mobile and other devices. To really gain new audience, subscribers, your website must be responsive, loads fast (<3s) and a very good navigation.

Ensure to remove unimportant copy from your website and non-content related ads.

Website Strategies and Goals: Website strategies you should employ

Now that we have discussed now to accomplish your set goals, let’s look into the important website strategies you should employ for better growth.

Let’s go:

How Do I Create A Website Strategy: Increase website traffic with SEO

The best way to increase website search engine visibility is to implement SEO (search engine optimization).

This is the use of organic keywords on your website pages strategically and not overcrowding your content with keywords, which at the long run will be penalised by Google.

Other SEO tactics are:

  • Using proper Head tags
  • Compiling meta descriptions
  • Frequents blog posting
  • Getting quality backlinks

Get started with your website SEO in 5 easy steps by Designpowers

How Do I Create A Website Strategy: Update quality blog post frequently

Do you want to be an authority in your industry? Then update quality blog post regularly. This website strategy will help you increase your website traffic, and if your blog post attracts any authoritative websites and links your post on their website, it helps boost your ranking.

As you update quality content regularly, share free quality guide to help gain trust and as people begin to recognise your authority and show you trust, and once you begin to gain trust and love from your audience, they will be willing to buy from you.

And as they stay longer reading your page, Google reads that has been relevant and as such boost your search engine ranking.                                              

How Do I Create A Website Strategy: Use Email Listing To Build Email List

website strategies and goals
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Web Solution Blog

One good digital marketing strategy is building email list and using email marketing for conversion. Do you want to increase your company’s sales? Then start email listing and use email marketing to increase sales.

You can use you website to collect emails by offering them free goodies in exchange for their emails — eBook, discounted coupon. Email marketing is more efficient and effective than social media and will always keep your subscribers updated about the latest info about your business.

How Do I Create A Website Strategy: Make Use of The Social Media

About half of the world population is on social media — 3.3 billion. You can see that your customers are on social media. Ensure to make your content sharable to enable your website reader share your content on their social media.

You can include click to tweet link for some text quotes, pin it button for your images and infographics. With this website strategy, your website readers can help you to repost and marketing your blog post and website.


Now that you have read the ways to start, and implement website strategies and goals for your small business. It’s also important to make more research on other ways to increase your website online presence.

This are what we’ve discussed in the post

  • Importance of Strategy and A Goal.
  • How to get started with your website goals
  • Steps To Set Your Website Goals
  • How to Accomplish Your Goals With Your Website
  • Website strategies you should employ

If you follow this guide diligently, you can’t it wrong. Do not hesitate to share this post to friends and family who needs it.

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