Top 10 Blog Niches That Can Earn You Money While You Sleep

10 Best Blog Niches that make money

Blog Niches are Channels through which every Blog flow.

Have you created your blog with the WordPress set-up?

Do you want to become a well-known blogger?

Are you in need for some of the best blog niche to make money while you Blog?

Is your answer Yes?

Keep reading!

10 Blog Niches That Make Money in 2020

Blogging In Recent Times

Blogging has become as one of the fashionable professions in modern times.

With new technology skill rising alongside with easy ease of use of the internet, more and more persons are aiming to becoming a professional blogger.

Making money from your blog is a different set-up compare to just blogging for enjoyment.

However, you need to realize that Blogging takes time to attain its full potential.

The key factors to making money from your blog are to be fervent about writing and to be patient.

Moreover, Success does not occur immediately.

Blogging And Niche

You also need to understand that writing on a niche that you feel passionate about is key.

Whereas, writing on a blog niche you will eventually get bored of, is a waste of time.

When you feel obsessive about writing on a particular blog niche, it gears you to provide the best content.

Focusing on the right audience is another important factor that must be put into consideration.

Targeting the right audience will make your blog prosper.

Increasing an audience in the world of blogging is a continuing game; if your interest in a particular blog niche disappears after a few months, you in all probability will not see any yield at all.

One of the main questions is which of the blog niche can facilitate you to earn money.

Many best blog niches are outline in this post that can help you to make money.

Many blog niches have in recent times grown and can be used to make money yearly.

Here we go,

The 10 Best Blog Niches that can Help You to Make Money in 2020

1. Technical Blog

Tech blog Niches
Tech Blog

Technology is a topic that is on the increase every day.

In fact, you and I are looking to get updates on a daily basis and looking for changes in technology.

Technology has completely transformed the face of professionalism.

This blog niche has become one of the hottest where you can easily make money from.

Technical Blog Niches

If you are fanatical about the latest technological devices and exploring the latest tech, you should start a tech blog.

Your main intend should be to pull towards you readers by giving out your knowledge of the technology space.

As such, your target audience will be searching for the latest technology updates and want your blog to be the place where they can get everything connected to technology.

Giving the latest tech available in the market and teaching your audiences on the prices and the gadget specification.

No sooner will your blog become their focus point for tech-related issues.

One of the most important payback of selecting technology over other best blog niches is that it is an immeasurable field.

Tech companies in their Hundreds are developing and releasing products every week.

Therefore, getting relevant content for your viewers should not e a problem.

 You will have a number of sub-niches to post content on since the field of technology has a broad selections of topics.

Mobile devices, applications, operating systems, mobile games, are part of sub-niches you can directly provide information as you create your blog.

Giving information regarding the updates in Windows and Mac can also be what you can create a blog for.

PC gaming is another exciting field to share knowledge on.

People are in demand of the latest products Reviews as viewers want to gain more knowledge about the products.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

2. Digital Marketing Blog

Digital-marketing Blog Niches
Image Source Google

Digital Marketing is the most trending professions in this modern world.

Job opportunities in this field as emerge massively.

The digital world has swiftly grown due to the advancement in technology.

The on-the-go blog niche in modern time is Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Blog Niches

This large field has progressively grown over the years.

Many people are thorough looking to gear up their digital marketing skill with the decreasing dependence on usual marketing settings.

Getting the word out of their line of offers is what Businesses are now working on to improve their online presence.

Digital marketing strategies for your business are countless and that is the advantages of implementing it.

It encompasses all the marketing done via the website, search engines, social media, mobile applications, and so on.

Creating a digital marketing blog will not only help you to make money but also enable you to become skilled at it as you apply it yourself.

You can also create a blog on sub-niches such as social media marketing, web designing, web optimization, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing, etc.

You can attract audiences by providing more information, regarding the changes in the algorithms of different search engines, and social media platforms.

Enlightening your audience on how to carry out market studies and developing business strategies will also help to build an optimistic following.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

3. Finance and Investment Blog

Financial blog Niches

Monetary matters have been a major component of the modern world.

This niche is relentlessly growing, as if entails many ways to make money and all the options available are yet to be explored.

This is one of the blog niches that need to be looked at very well and more options of investments should be provided.

Having knowledge of personal finance, stock market, foreign exchange market, and so on, is key factor to boost to your blog.

Finance and Investment Blog niches

One exciting way to attract a suitable audience is

Reviewing financial products and investment schemes.

Educating people on better methods of saving and increasing their money can prove to be fruitful for you, and your blog.

More so, creating a blog that scales, reviews different currencies, and software programs, can boost your traffic.

Analyzing stock market instruments and drifts are high-ranking topics that are intensely looked upon by readers.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

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4. Fashion Blog

Fashion blog
Image Source Google

If you want to create fashion blog, Note, it is a huge step,

As it needs to be updated almost every week.

One best part I personally love about it, is, fashion blog will never go old-fashioned.

The fashion blog is one of those blog niches that will never go out of trend.

What we are wearing and how we are wearing it, is the style.

Fashion Blog Niches

The fashion niche has a huge returns, so starting your own fashion blog will be nice,.

Should you want to keep it simple or rather dazzle, all of us have made investments in fashion.

This niche covers both the clothes we wear, the cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories.

We all love to invest money in looking good and frequently seek help over the internet.

This is the area you can take advantage of and give solutions to their queries.

Write informative posts about trends in fashion, new releases, major fashion weeks and more.

Do not just simply repeat what is out there; share your honest opinion of stories related to fashion.

Sub-categorizing it further into fashion trends and beauty and cosmetics would be a good venture.

This would broaden your niche and help you to attract a wide range of audiences.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

5. Travelling Blog

The most exciting blog niches’ is the travelling niche, as traveling is a desire for most people nowadays.

Workload, stress, and big-city hassles as occupied everyone including me writing this post: Lol!

Nevertheless, it’s true.

If you are excited about traveling and inquisitive about new experiences, then travel niche is the right fit for you.

Travelling Blog niches

People who love to see the world and write about it runs the best travel blogs.

When you cannot come up with the money for traveling yet, you can vicariously relive other people’s experiences.

You need to polish up your knowledge in analyzing and telling stories.

Showing the secret beauty of the finest locations is of great importance.

You can engage guest writers to share their travel experiences.

There are many hacks and tips for traveling that encourage travelers on the road to save money.

You should write helpful blog posts for travelers.

For instance, you can write on topics like how to save money while traveling or how to avoid fraudulent travel agents.

How to take advantage of discount deals and cash rewards can also be one of your topics to educate your readers.

Conducting a survey or extracting information from review websites and writing all-embracing reviews of these airlines and travel companies.

Write guides that will assistance backpackers plan and travel happily.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

6. Movie and Music Blog

One huge part of everyone’s life is movies and music.

Movies and music provides relaxation in the busy practice of today’s contemporary times.

Should you have an unquenchable zeal or excitement for music and movies, you should start writing.

You can create a blog for reviewing the music/movie and confirming the most up-to-date releases by the minute.

Movie and Music Blog Niches

Do not write content on what everyone thinks and do not write just to create a positive feeling.

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Make sure you share your authentic insight and honest opinions.

This will definitely attract a loyal follower.

There are a lot of genres in movies as well as music.

This gives you a wide selection to create content.

Having a passion for music can be very advantageous to your blog.

Another way of attracting a large audience is giving out reviews of different music instruments.

People are fun of checking reviews of new movies before going to watch it.

Giving a right opinion of the movies can assist you in gaining a loyal audience.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

7. Health Blog

Health blog
Image Source Google

This blog is one of the most looked up blog niches over the internet in recent times.

Since the rise of the internet, the health and fitness industry has diversified its activities and has sought ways to reach and commune with audience online.

People will always look for measures of anti-aging, diet strategies, work out schemes and more, because they need to stay fit.

This is a most important reason health is one of the most advantageous blog niches.

The Health Blog Niches

There is very big traffic in this niche, and there is enough to go around.

The fine thing about blogging in the health and fitness niche is that you do not have to be an instructor or a medical professional with certificate.

The fact is if you are serious about knowledge and providing answers, without these qualifications, you will make it big in the health and fitness niche.

Health and fitness is a broad topic.

You will not have to waste time finding content.

Writing an all-inclusive review surrounding every perceptive of the product and letting your audience know exactly what to expect from using these items.

Create blogs that focus on food and diet.

To arouse and enlighten your audience, you can share stories about weight loss.

Creating a blog for everyone that focuses on posting healthier food recipes can be beneficial to them.

Information on food, strength training, psychological training, and facilities can be shared.

Tips on fighting stress and tidying their lives is another area of interest.

Educate readers on how to care for their skin while recommending every day use of beneficial skincare products.

This would help you to attract targeted audience.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

8. News Blog

News blog
Image Source Google

News Blog is one of the blog niches that will never go out of fashion.

Especially when it is paying attention to trending topics, news blogs have a high potential for attracting audience.

There is no shortage of content for News, as it is a never-ending topic.

The best way to gain instant traffic to your blog is posting the latest news.

News Blog Niches

Numerous sub-categories are available that you can share your view on.

Latest news on politics, sports, entertainment, finance, international news, etc.

You can cover interesting stories that can attract a wide range of audiences.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

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9. Food Blog

Food blog is one of the more interesting and appealing blog niches.

Everyone loves to eat food.

There are a huge number of recipes to blog on.

Creating a food blog is a fun task for someone passionate about food.

Food Blog Niches

Creating a food blog will attract a huge audience because food is one of the most popular topics.

An extensive topic can never be deficient in content.

Decent amount of Organic traffic can be obtained from recipe posts, if you have a specific food blog.

As collaboration, you can review food from various restaurants.

Appropriate feedback shared will help your blog and will build a positive correlation with your audience.

Tips and hacks of cooking food easily and sharing videos of food recipes will also help you to engage more with your followers.

Make money while you blog on this niche.

10. Personal Development Blog

Personal development the most underestimated blog niches.

People look to develop and become better in every aspect of life in today’s highly spirited world.

As a blogger in the niche of personal development, you target is to provide content personalized to persons in search of further learning in their desired field.

If you are an expert in a specific field, start a blog regarding that field and post content dedicatedly to growing in that field.

Personal Development Blog niches

Public speaking and leadership are important areas in any profession, yet many people are struggling with them.

Sharing the secrets of professional development that can assist your viewers to build relationships and impact from the very beginning is okay.

Make money while you blog on this niche.


Blogging has become a profession for many, and making money through blogging has become easier.

People seek many answers.

Should you analyze your niche appropriately, you can direct a successful blog.

Start your journey of blogging with something you connect with you.

You have to be patient and passionate, and you will be rewarded for your hard work.

A whole blog niche list have been mentioned, while whole other topics are yet to be discovered.

For a start, you can definitely use some of the blog niches that I have analyzed above to make money.

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