Starting a Small Business Online: This is the 7 Proven Steps

Starting a small business online and making money from it in recent times is most prominent. Moreover, doing it right is very crucial.

And the plans of increasing your small business’ search engine visibility, and making your visitors to become a loyal customers is another thing.

Starting a small business online and becoming successful, you must align with a proven order of steps.

I have come across people who start online business and grow successfully doing these proven steps.

The 7 proven steps to Starting a Small Business Online

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  • Look for a Problem and Solution it.
  • Write an article that turns visitors to customers.
  • Create a user-friendly Business Website.
  • Increase your Business website’ traffic using SEO
  • Build your brand as an active expert in business.
  • Convert visitors to customer via email marketing.
  • Increase sales with loyalty coupons and complementary products.

Newbie and experienced online business owners will gain tremendous growth and sales, following these proven steps to starting a small business online.

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Let us kick start these proven steps.

Proven Step 1: Start a business that solves a market’ problem.

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Solving Problems

It is very important to note that, in starting a small business online, look for a market first.

Here are best Blogging niches for you if you wish to start blogging business.

Looking for a product first and market thereafter is a wrong start-up idea. Moreover, most people who want to start business online make this mistake.

Starting with a market will in all probability heighten your business’ success.

The best way to get a market is making research of what people see as problem and not getting any answer. The web is one of the best places to make this market research.

It makes the type of findings very easy. Checking out online forums like Quora, Reddit to know what people are asking and problem they are facing.

With this, you create product that solve a problem for a market you have found. Another is starting a keyword research to know that people are looking.

I have written a post to guide you on how to use keywords in content writing for audience targeting.

Moreover, not having many competitors with other websites will help you start a product for a market.

Moreover, starting a small business online without keyword research is the beginning of failure.

Ensure to always visit your would-be rivals and take points of what they are doing, Expand your views on the points to keep you on top of the game.

With all these you have learnt, creating a product for an already existing market is easy and you will see your small business attracting high sales.

With this trick, you will always beat your competitors.

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Proven Step 2: Write an article that turns visitors to customers.

Starting a small business online and not having a copy that convert, renders your business unless.

No visitor would want to read any content that cannot solve his or her problems.

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Making your visitors pass through the selling process from the very time they land on your website to the very point of purchase can only be achieved using the proven sales article formula.

This is the proven way to write a great content that convert.

This is summarized in the lists below:

  • Stimulate your reader with gripping caption.
  • Depict the trouble your service resolve.
  • Institute yourself as a problem-solving Brand.
  • Include honest testimonies of verified users of the product.
  •  Detail how useful your users will benefit from the product or service you are offering.
  •  Cite recommendation.
  • Give your users 100% assurance.
  • Make your product or service readily available to users.
  • Create sale.

As you create this copy, make sure to centre your attention on how this product will quench your

Reader’ searching thirst and make better their lives. Put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself “Will it solve my problem?”

Proven Step 3: Create a user-friendly Business Website.

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Mobile Friendliness

Now that you have gotten a group of people with a specific need (market) and a product to fill their need. 

Then the third proven step to starting a small business online is to create a simply use-friendly website.

I will recommend creating a WordPress website for your small business online.

This is because WordPress powers 30% of all websites and is the best website building platform and make sure your small business website is simple.

With simplicity, you can grab the attention of your visitors and make them a returning customer. Ensure to blend your website strategies and goals properly for better user experience.

Features of a simple business website:

User-friendly website: create an easy navigation for your user.

Complementing media: Use a business related graphics, audio or video that complement your website content

Simply Fonts: let your website have a simply fonts on white background.

A subscription Form: Embed a simple opt-in to collect email addresses of your visitors.

Customer’ Checkout: make it easy for your customers to checkout with few clicks

Remember your business website is your online store; let it be a customer-friendly one.

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Proven Step 4: Increase your Business website’ traffic using SEO

With SEO in place, your website can be display to many potential customers online.

The easily means to drive in traffic to your new business website is Pay-per-click advertising.

Advantages of PPC advertising over Organic traffic

  • Google returns website with paid ads (PPC ads) immediately first before showing organic results.
  • You can experiment of varieties of keywords and selling method.
  • You can discover the highest-converting keywords with PPC ads.

With this keyword discovery, you can allocate these keywords throughout your website, enabling you rank high in the organic search engine.

Proven Step 5: Build your brand as an active expert in business.

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There are million of individuals searching for information on the internet. Only websites with the most relevant content will be shown.

You can offer free quality content to other sites, and in return, you get more traffic and search engine visibility.

This is called guest posting. The truth is, ensure to include a link to your website within the content.

Create expert-kind of content as a giveaway, write a copy that people find helpful.

Make available this content throughout the internet and social media sites. Add the share link on quality copies on your website.

Build your brand as an active expert in the industry, where your target market is. Doing this, you will attract new followers. Better still, every website that reposts your copy, will be linked back to you.

With this, google will rank you high because its appreciates backlinks from high-ranking sites.

Proven Step 6: Convert visitors to customer via email marketing

email marketing
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Email Marketing

In starting a small business online, it is very crucial to start building an email list.

An email list is one of the very important assets to your online business.

This is because your customers and subscribers will continually receive your email because they have granted you permission to do so.

This also implies that;

  • You are building a lifetime relationship with them.
  • You are satisfying their needs.

You can build email list with Email marketing, which is most effective than any other marketing channel.

Any visitor that opts in your email list is a hot lead, and with follow up emails, you can convert them to loyal customers.

Proven Step 7: Increase sales with loyalty coupons and complementary products.

Establishing a lifetime value towards your customer is one of the best online marketing strategies. With a prompt follow up, 40% of those who bought from you before will buy again.

You can increase sales by recommending products that relates to their initial purchase. Offer loyalty voucher that will be redeem when next they visit.

Compensate your customer for their reliability, making them more loyal customers.


The internet is revolving very fast, such that a year online is far greater than four years offline. Nevertheless, one truth remains, the principles to success when starting a small business online has not changed.

And if you are just starting, glue to this order. If you have been running any online business for a while now, take a quick evaluation of your business and see where to adjust.

This is the basics to any online business, you cannot go wrong.

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