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How To Increase Website Traffic Fast: The 10 Proven Steps
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How To Increase Website Traffic Fast: The 10 Proven Steps

The reasons for Low organic website traffic and how to solve it is the main focus of this post. Low website traffic has been the trending issues of most website or blog owners in recent times.

Frankly speaking, It is unbearable to see you are doing everything right,

But getting the numbers of traffic you want in not flowing in. It is obvious that something is wrong.

Perhaps you only need few tips and tricks to boost your organic website traffic. Before I guide you into the how-to-remedy the low organic website traffic

The BIG question in front of every worried website, online business and blog owners is. What are the reasons behind my low website traffic?

Interestingly, this is what I will be discussing in today’s blog post. You have come to the right place.

In this post, I will open you eye to the realities of why you are having a low website traffic, In addition, how to fix it.

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Let us get started.

Here are 10 reasons for low organic website traffic and how to fix it

1. Your SEO Implementation and strategy is Poor

In reality, Google is the starting and best place for organic and free website traffic. Nevertheless, for your post or article to rank among the 10 best is very tasking.

One truth is Google frontlines the best for its users. For a start, your content must; I repeat, MUST be unique, and of quality information.

You must apply other several factors; Which include;

  • The configuration of your website’s XML sitemap.
  • The setting up of an SEO plugin,
  • Your content optimization, for keyword search and more.

Not strategically and implementing all these factors,

website traffic
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Source Google

The likelihood for your website, to rank on the search engines is lean. The lack of an important factor can result in very low organic website traffic.

Solution for Poor SEO Implementation and strategy

Using WordPress SEO is a starting point process that may seem initially difficulty. However, playing around with it will ease the difficulty.

I recommend using RANK MATH, a good alternative is Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO is in all probability the best SEO plugin for WordPress users. It does the SEO job and it is easy to use.

To get started, install the plugin, Follow the setup wizard to configure your site with it.

In addition, install Google Analytics, Search Console and an XML sitemap. These plugins are very essential to every website owner.

Google Analytics helps to analysis your website traffic. In addition, allows you to follow your website traffic.

Search Console allows you to track your search online presence.

XML sitemaps grant Google bots to read your site and access your website pages. Taking advantage of the on-page SEO feature,

You can optimize your website content with it. This interesting feature keeps the optimization of your page the same.

With this guide, you are sure to boost your way over low organic website traffic.

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2. Your Link Building is not Good

Link building is a key part in your ranking on the search engine. Many of the pages ranked by search engine in the top three,

Have high-quality links that channels browsers to them. At least, your domain has a lot of influence,

Which means that the link outline, Consists of tens and tens of backlinks from the best in the internet.

Have you started any link building in the past? If NO, then you may not have many backlinks. Moreover, if this is your case,

It is most likely the number one reason why you are experiencing a low organic website traffic.

Solution to Poor Link building

The best way to start building links is by commenting on the blog. Although most blogs provide a no-follow to comments.

Well no following links really do not carry much link juice, this means they hardly ever help with your search rankings.

Nevertheless, it does not matter… The best link profile is a good combination of no-follow and do-follow links.

To ideally do justice to the commenting tricks of your blog, here are some simple steps.

  • Slide in one of the best blogs in your niche.
  • Pick an article of interest you and read it completely.
  • Go down to the comments section, complete the form and leave a quality comment.
  • Repeat with other quality blogs in your niche

Note… this blog commenting do not give you precisely the number 1 spot.

However, you need to do more than that. In other to create do-follow links, one of the best tricks is to write a guest post.

Interestingly, the largest part of blogs permits guest authors to have a link or two. More often than not, one in the content and one in the biography of the author.

In addition, another link tactics that I recommend is making use of resource pages. Resource pages are link pages.

Generally, resource pages contain plenty of links that point to high-quality content. Link building is an awesome way to solution low organic website traffic.

3. Improper Target Keywords Research.

The truth is that keywords are exceptionally significant for search engine visibility and ranking. On the other hand, the more regularly a keyword is entered in a Google search,

The more possible it is the goal of the best blogger in the industry. Meaning it is 100 times, difficulty to outrun your competitors for a top 10 mark.

Even if your you have created a top-notch content, There is no assurance that you can rank high…

Because SERPs regularly allot the highest rankings to authority sites like Amazon, Entrepreneur, and WebMD.

Therefore, if your target keywords are something like weight loss,

You are most likely never going to rank in the top 10.

Solutions to Improper Target Keywords Research

If you want your site to be an authority, hard work and patience is key. However, to become an authority is not easy. It could take months or better still years.

To gain authority, do the following; Guest blogs, interviews, massive link building, and 10x content creation.

Also note that, targeted long-tailed keywords, which are search vocabulary that contain more than 4-5 words are very specific,

You will have a much greater chance of generating search traffic and you will gradually eliminate low organic website traffic.

4. Not Publishing Quality Content

The truth is, your content is the main reason why people visit your blog. Publishing uninformative and invaluable blog posts will prompt render your blog valueless,

Thereby prompting low organic website traffic.

website planning
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Even if your marketing is top-notch, and your content is bad, Traffic will flow, but no user will love to read bad content.

Should you buy your traffic… nobody will be withstanding invaluable contents. Driving traffic is one thing. Getting them as a subscriber or a reader is another. Read how to build an email list and start email marketing

Read a my detailed post on how to create and write great content for your blog.

Solution to Poor Content publishing

You must start with high-quality content that will make your users come for more. Writing quality posts that are incredibly optimized for the web is the key.

Here is a checklist for you:

  • Let your paragraphs be short
  • No grammatical mistakes or jargon
  • Let your content contain bold and italic to emphasize
  • Make sure to include many images/multimedia
  • Include real-life data
  • Sum up your points with facts, sources, and links.

Getting the right topics;

Let keyword tools be your best friend to finding highly searched expression. You can subscribe to Quora and other online communities to find your niche-related questions.

If you study your audience, you will find the right topics to write, which will generate the most traffic. This will eliminate worries of low organic website traffic

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5. Spending Much Time writing and not promoting enough

In my previous point, I emphasized on quality content. Constantly creating blog posts every week, the chance of generating a good flow of organic traffic is high.

On the other hand, nothing is 100% certain in the blogging sphere. Mainly when it comes to driving new visitors to your content.

Any blogger with small or no authority that publishes posts after posts, without any advertising, and with the hope of driving traffic from an anonymous sources.

It is as if … after publishing

website traffic
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Source: Google

You wait for someone maybe from… (for me, I do not know) to find your blog post and read without.

Nevertheless, the complication is that no matter how impressive your content is, if you do not have site authority, nobody will find your website in a search engine.

This is why you need to insistently promote your content

Solution to Spending Much Time writing and not promoting

In content marketing, the 80/20 rule applies. The 80/20 means spending 80% on promotion and the 20% on creation.

Nevertheless, as you promote your content. Although, there is more than one way to do this, moreover, there is more to share on social networks.

But with influence marketing, which is the best trick, you can go a long way in authenticating your site.

Influencer marketing is taking benefit of audience, of an industry influencer to gain some spotlight for yourself.

That is why it is perfect for content promotion. The more you create and promote much more;

Just see how your website traffic will spike

6. Not having Compelling Content headlines.

Most of the low organic website traffic related-sites do not have compelling and engaging headlines. Headlines are one basic approach to drive in traffic.

No one will want to click a boring headline. Even though it tops high in the search engines or various social media news displaying it.

The fact is, headlines are the driving factor that compel users and visitor to click on your site, when your keywords appears on Google search engine.

Even if your blog content is remarkable. If it does not have a compelling headline, nobody clicks on it,

In addition, if nobody clicks it, your blog will continue to experience low organic website traffic.

Solution to Boring Content headlines.

I recommend playing with a range of formulas of titles. Loads of these formula are out there. I first found this formula from SEO Basics, when I was searching for how to improve my traffic.

I have employed this formula and it is working for me. So I will be sharing this formula in this post.

This is one of the formulas I have used; it is an excellent for the publications on the list, is this… [number] + [adjective] + [keyword] + [guarantee]

At this point, let me list some examples for easy implementation

20(number)effective” (adjective) list creation strategies that will increase your email list (keyword)  by 400% (guarantee).

39(number) “proven”(adjective) “weight loss tips” (keywords) that can help you lose “50 pounds”(guarantee).

Instructional headers can also be created using this formula. Therefore, as an alternative to adjectives, adverbs can be used.


  • How to effectively run an online business that can earn you $40, 000 monthly.
  • How to easily find long-tail keywords that will increase your organic website traffic
  • How to magically boost your affiliate sales within 48 hours.
  • With this method you could boost your organic website traffic.

7. Not having a user-friendly design website.

Low organic website traffic can be because of the UX of your site. If your website has no easy navigation for your users, nobody will would like to stay.

It does not matter the volume or quality of your website’s content. Even publishing content that your readers love to read, they might not even want to read it.

Because of a poor website user design. They would rather zoom off to another site to read same. This is how significant your user experience is to having website traffic.

Solution to not having a user-friendly design website

One truth about your website is, If your website loads more than three seconds,

Expect your users to run back. Mobile responsiveness is another key factor to put into consideration.

Recently, Google emphasis on mobile friendly website. Your website must be compatible with mobile devices;

If not, it is likely not to be classified into mobile SERPs.. One more thing I want to point out here is the blog design.

A lot goes into a well-designed blog that will make your visitors visit and read to your readers.

Read my blog post on how to select a responsive Blog theme to know more about blog themes.

8. Your Social Marketing is Poor.

Huge part of website traffic generation over the years has been attributed to social networks. Google and search engines is not the focus now.

Though they play a part in traffic(organic) generation. So, your presence in these social communities will mean a lot for your traffic.

Getting a good followers on networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, A part of your blog post shared on either of these platforms,

Can drive in hundreds of visitors to your website. Although there are other social communities aside from the ones, I mentioned.

Reddit, is a good example. You can get thousands of followers from these social communities.

Forums are also another good example of online social communities. It has thousands of active members. Tens of thousands, even more.

Solution to Poor Social Marketing

Social marketing is a vital approach to eliminate low organic website traffic.

Take the following steps to boost your website organic traffic.

Connect with a social media community.

Make sure you are active and always contribute issues.

You can start with any of these sites.

Like, Facebook and Twitter.

You should a lively contributor to the chosen social media community,

By answering questions, providing unique advice, content, support.

Create a good association and comment on other people’s posts.

Within a short time, you will begin to grow some influence.

Doing this, you can start channeling some of your communities users to your own blog.

9. You are not educating yourself to find a SEO Strategy That Works

Another reason while you’re not having website traffic is you are not researching. It is nice to analysis your competitors and look for the SEO strategies they are employing.

However, do not duplicate the strategies they have used myopically. The truth is Google is unpredictable. It can come out with another algorithm anytime.

In addition, if you have been following an old SEO strategy, Chances are, there could be other best alternatives that suit your kind of business.

It can greatly affect on your organic website traffic. More to the point, SEO practices keep changing,

So what yielded great results five years ago may not work today.

Solutions to You are not educating yourself to find a SEO Strategy That Works

SEO is the practice of attracting organic ( i.e, non-paid or PPC) search engine traffic,

In order to drive your website to the top in SERPs (search engine rankings pages)

That is, ranking top of Google or Bing.

Your site will have three layers to its structure:

A home page, category pages (homes for content about different subjects)

And content pages (which contain articles, posts, product information, etc).

Always ensure that you educate yourself on new strategies, especially in the process of optimizing your pages.

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The process has the following four stages:
  • Identify the site’s Target Niche
  • Find Target Sub-Niches for category pages
  • Find further Target Niches for content pages
  • Find Target keywords for each page

So it is important take the time to educate yourself about the latest SEO methods,

Before choosing a suitable strategy for your business.

That way, you will save your money and time, and achieve the best results.

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10. Your website is not Mobile Friendly

Google demands your website be mobile-friendly, And trouble-free to access from any mobile device.

You can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test software to ensure whether the site is mobile friendly or not.

If your site is not mobile-friendly, The software will suggest the adjustments you need to make-to-make it mobile-friendly.

Solution for a non-Mobile friendly site

Here are other ways to make your website mobile-friendly:

  • Install a responsive theme
  • Do away with pop-ups
  • Keep the forms short
  • Use the right, standard font
  • Include a search function


Driving traffic every day is not just for the best players like Forbes, CNN and TechCrunch. Of course, it can be hard.

However, with a little hard work, you can also take action. You just have to master how to do it, and practice makes perfect.

Following the great points I have provided above and employing them fully. I believe you will discover that they work for you, eliminating low organic website traffic.

If you love what you gain please share, you can follow me on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Originally posted 2020-06-12 11:00:00.

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