Tips To Create Engaging Content For Your Blog: 3 Categories Of Content

Great content is key to becoming successful in your Blogging career. As soon as you set up your blog, creating traffic-driven content is potent.

The content of your blog must be the enticement one so as to attracts your readers.

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Therefore, in this guide, I will be covering what the content your blog is made up of. The types of content you can create and SEO blogging practices that will be important to you to follow.

The truth is, without you writing a great content. Even the best well-designed, tightly-structured blogs will in the long run fail.

At this juncture, I will be detailing three categories of content you are required to create for your blog.

Three Categories Of Contents

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Pages content

 Blog content you Need to Create :
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Blog Pages You Need to Create

These are static page content;

Like the About page, Contact page, Advertise/product page and so on.

Well I will be listing more of its kind as I write.

Sidebar content

These are also static content that appears on the sidebar of your blog.

Blog posts content

This kind of content are the regular posts around your niche.

Before you switch into writing your everyday blog posts.

You will want to make sure the static Pages and Sidebar content of your blog is created and uploaded to your blog.

Let us go into details of each of these content parts.

For the blog URL:

  • Use appropriate keywords in your URL
  • Keep it short.
  • There are URL shortening sites you can visit Such as:,,

Pages content

Primarily, it is very important to create static content pages for the subsequent kinds of information.

About page

This is the utmost expected page on any blog.

This page basically informs new visitors to your blog what your blog is all about.

Your identity and reasons you have a blog that talks about your particular topic.

Well this is based on your niche and your peculiarity, the content you make available can be all business or personal and fun.

Contact page

The contact page permits visitors on your blog to contact you at all time.

Contact page mostly, are simple pages where your email address plus social network links are documented.

Or you can use plugins like Contact Form 7 (which is the most popular contact form) to have a simple contact form.

Visitors can use is means to contact you without leaving your site.


Product and services page is a page where you talk more of the product or service to want your visitors or reader to get aware of.

So if you have created your blog to promote your business.

Make sure there is a page that specifics the products or services you sell.

On the other hand, if you previously have a website for your business.

You can make available a link to it in your menu.


This page gives you a little legal responsibility protection.

You might want to reflect a disclaimers or policy page.

For instance, if you are writing a health blog, but you are not a medical professional.

You may perhaps want to create a disclaimer page to talk your readers/visitors that you are not a medical practitioner.

Or other healthcare professional;

Therefore, you vouch that readers see their doctors for their personal medical information and assessment.

You may perhaps also want to inform visitors to your site that;

You use analytics tracking, Google AdSense, affiliate marketing links and other types of content.

A good example of a disclaimer page can be found here. (I will create a link to an disclaimer site)

As your blog continue to grow, you might also want to think through including the subsequent pages.

Pillar pages

These are pages that channel visitors coming to your blog to a particularpost on definite topics.

As you increase your content by adding new ones to your blog, you will want to ponder creating pillar pages.


The Archive page simply directs visitors to;

Your latest posts, main categories, top most tags and content you have created.

Positioned on your blog, such as guest posts, interviews, podcasts and videos.

Advertising page

This page is meant for advertising products and services.

If you want to sell advertising on your blog and you have an adequate amount of traffic to make it meaningful for advertisers.

You need to create an advertising page that shows off your latest blog traffic statistics;

Like (amount of website visitors, page views, email subscribers, RSS subscribers, etc.).

Make sure to visit other blogs in your niche if possible bigger ones.

To see whatever pages they provide links for in their core navigation bar, sidebar and footer.

Probabilities are, your visitors will be searching for the similar categories of pages on your blog.

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Sidebar content

The sidebar is the smaller column to either the left or right.

It is subject to the type of theme you have carefully chosen of your blog’s main content.

Some of the contents you will want to add to the sidebar widgets for your visitors are;


The subscribe widgets will cheer visitors to your blog to subscribe by the use of email or RSS.

Though the email of option is best, particularly if you would want to monetize your blog in the time yet to come.

I would recommend MailChimp;

It is a great subscriber-service plugin, it is permitted for the first 2,000 subscribers.


This is a widget which will contain a simple sentence or two, that tells visitors about you and your blog.

Maybe for some new visitors who possibly will not take their time to read your About page.

But putting your photo in this description of text is of advantage to your visitors.

As they set their face to the blog, whether you are the owner or an editor managing other writers, or the core content writer.

You are recognized.


The follow widget is always under your About widget.

You will want to show links to your social profiles so visitors on your blog can follow you.

Mostly, this social profiles will be your Facebook page, Twitter profile, Google+ profile, Instagram page, and so on.

You can alternatively use icons to symbolize each network, or use official buttons, and badges from these networks.

The second one will help you build your social media readership.

By letting people connect with you without them parting your website.

Popular posts

The popular posts widget is the widgets that will help channel visitors to your top most parts of your content.

The WordPress Popular Posts plugin will support you to generate this easily.

Showing posts based on your readers’/visitors comments and their view count.


The advertiser widget appears to be optional.

If you plan to include advertising posters to your blog, then you will need to add them from the beginning.

So your consistent visitors will not be flabbergasted when your blog start attracting advertisers.

The posters you use in expectancy of then can be connected to products through links.

Which tell your visitors you are an affiliate marketer to merchandises you simply want to advertise.

Blog posts content

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Before I get you hooked onto the methodological elements of blog posts.

There is one important thing that every single blogger in every single niche needs to stick to.

The 7 important fundamentals of a Great Content

  • Headline
  • Storytelling hook
  • Less characters per line at first
  • Featured image
  • Subheads for scanning
  • Content and the 2,000-word sweet spot
  • Social network links for sharing

Generate Great content for you readers with readers in mind

You might have read a percentage of posts about boosting your content for search engines.

Despite the fact that it is important;

If you do NOT improve your content for humans who will read your post.

You will under no circumstances gain the publicity that it takes get links.

And make you rank well in search engines.

But when you write and upload posts and content that people love to read.

At this time you will get traffic, social shares and links as your audience grows.

Portraits to symbolize each social network shares, or use certified boxes, buttons, and badges from these networks.

The Fundamental Elements of a Blog Post

In this section of this post, I will be outlining the fundamental elements for your blog post to be great.

I will be talking about what method to optimize and enhance for both readers and search engines.


The most important thing is;

The first paragraph of your blog;

It should keep people or your visitors reading and also make people stick to your post.

Endeavor it compels and inspire people to read the subsequent part of your content.

And the other is, you make sure to use your targeted keyword phrase for search at least once in the paragraph.

Main content

The main content is the main part of your blog post content.

Now, imagine it this way;

That the headline of your content is the promise you have for someone,

And the main content of the headline is the fulfillment of the promise.

Therefore, your main content should fully fulfill the promise of the headline.

So that any person who visits or lands on your post should be satisfied based on the headline you presented.

But if you write any content that does not fulfill the promises of your headline.

Then, people may begin to categorize your blog as unfulfilling and unsatisfying.

In addition to it, might stop visiting.

The length of your blog posts may range from 800 to 3,500 or more words.

It is appropriate to alternate the length of your posts.

As you receives more insight about what works best for your audience or readership.


One basic truth is that;

Your headline, or title, of your blog post must be fashioned to capture the attention of your potential readers.

Who possibly will see it in their social media news feeds or in search results.

Also endeavour you have found a great keyword phrase that people searching online will use to find blog posts on your topic.

Also include this keyword in your headline.

A quick note on getting the best from your headlines.

10 Methods to Write Results Driven Headline

  • As soon as you write an headline, be thoughtful of how it be sound to the reader and how it appearances

– Select a strong lettering

– The size your headlines must stand Out

– you can use color to entice your visitors

  • The Ideal Length of a Headline. The best headline dimension is 50 to 70 letterings or 6 to 8 words long
  • Concepts for boosting your headlines to attract a lots of traffic

– Center your headlines on assisting as a replacement for impression

– Put forward the superlative way to do something

– Share your know-how

– Introduce helpful superlatives for a strong, emotional headline

  • Shun much lengthy words and go straight to the fact
  • Attempt a substitute headline for social media
  • Look for words your readers are looking for with the Keyword Planner and Research active keyword insertion.
  • Simplicity Is Well-regarded Readers have a preference to plain headlines that clearly state what they are going to gain from reading the post.
  • Set apart your headlines from the competition
  • Publish headlines that is a trademark your content
  • Re-utilize your old concepts with new headlines and perspectives


A lot of persons will examine your blog content as contrast to reading it word for word.

Compose subheads that split your content into consumable segments.

And make sure those subheads exemplify the content inside them.

Bolded text

Making use of bold text in a few parts of your main content will assist to reinforce keyfacts.

But you must use it selectively.

Or else your whole article will appear bolded, as a result taking away the ability to

Highlight basic parts of the content.

Bulleted/numbered lists

Despite the fact that you do not want your complete post to be bulleted or numbered lists.

These lists will be of an advantage to separate out steps and lists with advantageous content.


You can enhance the text portion of your content with media;

Such as appropriate pictures and video.

This will assist to split up your content and exemplify your points clearer.

Pictures can as well be used as part of the search optimization of your post.

Include your post’s main keyword phrase in the filename of the image along with the ALT tag.


The concluding part of your post should be a paragraph or two at the completion of your post.

This is to review what the reader should have acquired from it.

If they did not, probabilities are, they will go back to see what they might have overlooked.

The latter line of your blog post ought to be almost a kind of call to action.

It should be kept as simple;

As requesting your readers to share their point of view in the comments.

Or to share the post on social media if they appreciated it.

But if your post is written to sponsor or advertise a specific product or service.

The call to action should inspire the reader to learn further about it.

You do not have to take account of all of the features from this list in every post.

But be certain you at all times;

Have appealing introduction or overview, well-meaning content, and a compacted conclusion.

Categories of content


Videos is one way you may want to achieve and gain new visitors from.

YouTube is a big channel for such otherwise;

If you simply feel it is more at ease to record a video than write a blog post. Then video content had better be in your proceedings.

All you may need is an HD camera (that is if you want to do video content), a microphone AND a good screen capture program like Screenflow.

If you choose to record tutorials from your computer.

You can also make videos from webinars, Google+ hangouts and other platforms.


This category of content is where you can enjoy making PowerPoint presentations.

You may create slide show content that you can use.

On sites like Slideshare or to complement your blog content.

Whitepapers & Case Studies

Maybe you prefer to write a detailed, researched content.

Then think through white papers and case studies.

You can summarize all this detailed and researched content on a blog post.

Then you can offer it as a free download to build your email list or for interchange for social shares.


This is a kind of post content allowing you to communicate or interview others.

It should be part of your content.

However, it lets you to increase your readership from those who adore podcasts.

And you can write out or summarize your podcasts in blog posts.


If you have a designing talent, then infographics is for you.

Infographics is actually a great technique to get more publicity for your ideas.

With a meticulous design and a backed-up evidences;

You can get your content presented on sites like Mashable and others that on a regular basis post infographic.


The EBooks kind of contents are as well a great free gift for building your email list.

On the other hand, something you can sell on your blog/website and Amazon Set alight.

You can create them from start or repackage a number of blog posts that cover a particular theme.

The best measure for these categories of content is;

That you do not have to create exceptional content if you want to explore different formats.

For illustration purpose, you can take a blog post lesson and record it as a video.

You can also take a podcast transcript and change it into a blog post.

You can likewise take a number of blog posts and merge them into an ebook.

The options are never-ending.

Best blogging practices you must consider

For you to turn out to be an efficacious and effectual blogger in any niche.

You possibly will need to keep an eye on these best practices.

Map out your blogging goals

The fact is you will under no circumstances know if you are getting the most out of blogging, If you have not set goals for your blog.

Some of the goal kind of questions I would want to ask is;

You must define your blogging goals.

And from time to time question yourself if your blog is assisting you meet those goals you have set.

If not, question yourself ways you can make improvement on your blog in a way to achieve your set goals.

Promise to becoming a professional

One most important thing is that;

No matter the goals you set for your blog, you must:

Make every effort to be a professional in your niche,

Then, the fulfillment of your goals is guaranteed to follow.

People who are identified and celebrated as professionals in their niche,

Have a tendency to receive more acknowledgement and income for their content.

They also have a tendency:

To have bigger audiences and; turn their readers into customers by offering correlated products and services.

Communicate With Your Audience

The greatest approach to stay in connected with your readers;

Is to engage and interact or better still communicate with them.

How to achieve better results

Responding to comments

Responding to questions from your contact form.

Joining in discussions with readers on social networks

And going to see your readers’ blogs to understand what they are interested in and join discussions.

As you do this, you will build stronger relationships with your readers.

And study more about what they want,

To some degree, that can assist motivate and inspire your future content.

The finest way to stay in tune with your readers is to engage and communicate with them.

Be steady and accurate

Creating a steady and reliable time table of posting on your blog,

Assistances your readers know when they can anticipate to receive from you again,

Whether itS daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly.

The key to sustaining constancy is to be realistic and accurate.

Individual bloggers will find it difficult to create high-quality content on a daily basis.

Start with weekly or bi-weekly posts and work your way up to daily posts,

If that is your ultimate goal. Just don’t sacrifice quantity for quality.

Use a Reporting Calendar

To help sustain your steadiness,

Be certain to use some form of editorial or reporting calendar.

You can use Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar,or even a simple spreadsheet.

Use it to manage your ideas and plan your content themes for each month.

So blogging is something you focus on, not something you do in your spare time.

Quantity for quality.

Edit your work, or hire an editor

For a lot of people, it is hard to create content,

Then proofread and edit it.

As a matter of fact, editing, despite the fact that you write, can hold back your imaginative or creative flow.

Proofreading is not elective.

A blog post full of misspelled words and typos replicates poorly on you.

If you are not competent to do these responsibilities on your own,

Contemplate hiring a virtual assistant to do it for you.

This is principally important if you are not writing in your inborn language.

Having a native speaker of the language, used in your blog,

Editing your work can improve your trustworthiness.

Despite the fact that blog content does not need to be perfect,

It does need to be easy to read and consume.

Analyze the data

Be certain to install Google Analytics when you begin blogging,

And on a regular basis check your data. In particular, you want to make sure your traffic is growing.

And see what websites, social networks and other types of sources drive the most visitors to your blog.

You will also want to watch for substantial drops in traffic,

As these drops, may specify a bigger problem,

Such as downtime for your website or loss of traffic due to Google algorithm change.


If you want your blog to grow well,

Then making superiority your content content is the answer.

Emphasis on quality over quantity, even if you have to sacrifice frequency and constancy.

Your readers will appreciate you for it.

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