Blog Content Promotion: 12 Proven Content Distribution Tactics to Get More Traffic

Having a Blog content promotion strategy is very important to drive more traffic to your blog, to increase your online presence and to have success in your content distribution, you need a proven SEO strategy. In this guide you get to know the proven step to achieve huge traffic with your content.

Content promotion in recent times is becoming every business’ way to ensure their content get to the right audience and according to Content Marketing Institute, 37% of businesses as planned to increase their investment on content distribution.

With the sudden increase in content creation, most small businesses are greatly investing in content marketing and looking for ways to build an online presence with it.

According to Elite copy writer regarding the length of a blog content, that for a blog post to achieve huge results, it needs to have a minimum amount of 1000 quality and engaging words, that will capture the reader’s attention.

Don’t worry, what you have to do is to start creating a well planned content promotion strategy that will guarantee search engine visibility for every of your content you publish.

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The truth you must know about content distribution is you need to spend 25% of you blogging time to advertise and increase the awareness of your blog content.

For you to achieve success in your content marketing campaigns, you need to focus on content promotion critically.

In this post, we will be looking at how to build a promotion strategy from scratch.

Content Promotion Meaning

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Content promotion or content distribution as the case maybe is the practice of distributing blog posts and other relevant resources by the use of both paid and organic channels, which may include PPC advertising, influencer outreach, PR, Social media, email marketing and syndication.

A strong content promotion strategy will include a multi-channel approach. Now that we have looked onto content promotion meaning, let’s dive into how to create a promotion strategy from the very beginning.

Content Promotion Channels

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For the most part, there are three digital marketing perfect channels to get your content exposed after they have been created.

These three most important types of content promotion channels are;

The Owned media: This is any an online assets that one can manage and is exclusive to a brand. This is the media channels you own, and they give your content the preliminary exposure they need.

The Earned media: If owned media websites are the destination then earned media is the channel that helps people, business or brand get there.

After the initial exposure of your content using your owned media channel, people get engaged with it on social media. This will lead to more exposure of your content organically.

The Paid media: This is a good way content promotion can be done easily; you drive more audience to earned media, as well as direct traffic to owned media properties.

The owned and earned media channels can only give you a little percentage of awareness and distribution, but making use of the paid media content distributions will give an extra exposure you need via ads.

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Now that we’ve looked at the fundamentals on which content distribution can be expose to people, it’s time we examine the four ways on each of these three distribution channels by which content can be promoted.

I will be classifying them like this: The first four content distributions ways are owned media; the next four is earned media while the last four will be for paid media.  

Owned Media Content Distribution Channels

1. Email newsletter

The first content promotion channel we will be examining is the email newsletter; this is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies used by small businesses to convert interested customers to become loyal buyers.

At the time when a reader is caught by your problem-solving content and shows interest in you, and subscribe to your email list. You can begin to distribute your newest content with them via email.

Email list is an important channel for those creating content, this is because it can be managed effectively. This is unlike the social media channels where you must follow some sort of algorithms rules and guidelines to be able to reach your audience.

One good importance of email list is that; aside from the traffic generated to your website content or blog post, it also gets social media promotion and activates a viral effect.

A good Lead magnet is a very valuable asset for capturing your website visitors and for building an email listing.

If you are confused about what email content promotion channel to use, you can read my post on how to start email marketing + 8 best email marketing services providers.

MailPoet is a good start for beginners: offering a free premium plan for the first 1000 email subscribers, and a good alternative is MailChimp – they offer a free plan for the first 2000 subscribers.

So start collecting emails from your website visitors by offering them a Lead magnet.

2. Social media scheduling

The second content promotion we will be examining is the setting up of social media.

After you have mailed your new article to your email subscribers via email, the next thing is setting up your social media platforms to share your newest post to your existing audience.

The two plugins I recommend for this function is Buffer and Jetpack.

Buffer is a strong social media executing plugin that will help set up and schedule your post across various social media channels. You can fix a time to post you content via the plugin’s app.

Jetpack is another powerful plugin that cut across website, image optimization, security and social media sharing. Jetpack will help you post your post immediately you finish publishing your post –This is done automatically.

Hence, social media content distribution can only reach some degree of audience, but distributing it once isn’t enough. But getting the extra link clicks or full juice – retweeting your most viral posts will help you get 90% more link clicks.

3. Social Bookmarking Website

Another awesome channel of content promotion strategy is making use of the Social bookmarking website, Reddit and Quora is an intelligent content distribution platform for promoting your content for free.

To get the real value Reddit holds is to become real Redditor, you don’t just post your content’s link and wait for hundreds of thousands of visitor running to your website to read your content. You will be ban for doing just that.

To achieve the best result from Reddit is to add value by creating a quality conversation that will eventually leading to dropping your link. Reddit can get you tens of thousands of visitors if you do it right, can even earn you quality backlink.

Quora is also another good content distribution platform, dropping some valuable content as a reply to a question is a good start. You can create a space where you are providing relevant content for people to learn and get solutions to their questions.

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4. Implementing the Content strategy

Implementing content strategy is another content promotion tactics you should employ.

Content strategy is the moving practices changing business objectives and goals into an idea that utilises content as the most important means of accomplishing those goals.

Content is very important for businesses in the present day as a way of attracting prospective customers without relying on conventional push advertising systems.

Following the tactic of creating your content into slides at Slideshare is a good content promotion strategy.

Also, editing your post with a little touch and re-publishing them at medium, Quora, and LinkedIn is a good way for content distribution.

Without a doubt, you can quickly convert your blog posts into videos, Lumen5 is a good tool. Another custom-made strategy is making use of the camera and coming in front of the camera.

A good alternative is repurposing your content into Kindle eBooks to rip a few email subscribers.

Now that we are through with owned media means of content promotion channel, let’s dive into the earned media content distribution channels.

Earned Media Content Distribution Channels

5. Click to Tweet and One Press Social Locker

Another way to get your content distributed by your readers is to include the click to tweet social box in your content.

For WordPress users, a social media sharing plugin called sumo is a good match for achieving this feat. With this plugin, readers can share your content using their tweeter media handle.

This involves including a takeaway tweet anywhere in your blog post in a “click to tweet” boxes. And has your readers tweet this takeaway, you have earned their social media for your content distribution.

With a good and sound takeaway tweet, it could go viral, therefore earning you a lot of organic traffic.

A popular content marketing wizard who has had a great success in doing this is Brian Dean on his Backlinko blog.

Another way to achieve content promotion via earn media is gating some parts of your content. This is a process of exchanging emails for blog posts from your readers.

With this social media locker plugin, your readers can only continue reading your content after they have shared your content on their social media.

OnePress Social Locker is a very good WordPress to execute this gesture. You can also make use of this content distribution tactics to get your readers email and distribute your blog post to them in a long run.

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6. Influencer email outreach

Influencer email outreach is a rare but effective way of content promotion, in the process of writing your blog posts; it will be a great idea to engage influencers on your blog post or content.

Emailing them and requesting their quotes, and their experience as an expert in the industry to add to more value and increase the integrity of your content.

Adding their expertises in your content, will compel them to distribute your content on their social media handles, and possibly link your post from their blog, hence increasing the inflow of traffic to your site.

Even if you refer their advice or methodology on your article. In that case, you can still contact them and inform them about it using their contact form.

But before you venture into this kind of content distribution strategy, ensure to have written a high-quality content that will compel them to share.

7. Writing Guest post

Guest posting is one popular way bloggers execute content promotion strategy. You might have a cornerstone content that needs a major promotion.

 To get started with guest posting is to write a related topics on other queries people needs answers to, on a high authority website and linking to your site from the body of the content.

Though most blogs or sites will only permit you to include only a link to the content, and mostly at the author bio section.

Including infographics in your guest content can help improve the reading pleasure of your article; however, you can link back to your website as a credit for it.

Most websites though will only allow you to use author bio links to drive eyeballs to your brand.

8. Writing roundups

Another big way to do content promotion is writing roundups. Everyone or anyone you get to include their opinion in your roundups will be likely to distribute your content and probably would want to link back to your content in a long run.  Then linking back to you is a very awesome way to build backlinks.

Put in mind that people might want to subscribe or include you to their best list; therefore, it’s important to always update and include new statistics to your previous content as people will keep checking back.

Backlinks from well-liked roundups will definitely level up your content search visibility. As time goes by, these links will improve and increase your DA, hence increasing the probability of getting organic traffic

Links from well-liked roundups can directly increase your content’s visibility. In the long run, such backlinks will improve your domain authority, with an increased domain authority; Google will help driving in traffic to your blog.

Now that we are through with owned and earned content distribution channels, it’s time to dive into paid media content promotion strategies.

Paid Media Content Distribution Channels

9. Promote your content on Facebook

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With a paid post you can take your content promotion to another whole new level. It can be so advantageous that it help you target who get to see it.

On the other hand, with the sudden increase in content creation, fairly economical social media ads are a big approach to get your content distributed.

Promoting your content on Facebook falls under the PPC (pay-per-click), that’s, you only pay when people click on your ads. But the good thing about pay-per-click ads is that, your ads will be seen by a lot of person, which also create awareness of your brand.

If you desire to build your online presence with your content quickly using the Facebook.

Then, running engagement ads targeting your audience is the easiest means.

How to target Facebook ads guide is an awesome start for you, if you’re new to Facebook advertisements.

10. Utilizing Quuu Promote

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Quuu is an awesome paid marketing community. It helps out in bringing in organic distributions and mentions for your website or blog content.

Quuu promote is a content promotion channel that assists persons, brands and businesses locate and distribute the most excellent content online. As a replacement for yourself finding and promoting attention-grabbing content online.

Quuu promote makes it so easy that your content marketing strategy an receives utmost improvement. It has a network of sharers that distribute over 120,000 pieces of paid content across social media every day.

How Quuu Promote Works

When you get your post’s URL submitted, Quuu promote will draw out a number of information from the link to create two posts for social media (one for twitter and the other one for Facebook and LinkedIn).

Quuu guarantees you will always have the most new, most relevant content to distribute with your followers on social media therefore automating your content curation progression.

Quuu content promotion consists of two categories of people:

1. Social media users that want to share updates to connect with their audience and

2. Content creators that want to gain and increase visibility for their content.

With Quuu promote, your content distribution strategy can receive a great boost.

11. Outbrain and Taboola

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Image: Marketing Land

You might have seen some displayed ads on websites with high DA, courtesy of Outbrain and Taboola.

This is another paid content promotion strategy channel where you can get your content distributed online the web via websites and blogs. Outbrain and Taboola are both paid media ways that offer pay-per-click platform to expose your content on high-authority media websites.

These paid media content distribution platforms are commonly not expensive compare to Facebook ads. With these platforms are a great content distribution tools for massive generation of traffic.

12. Hiring a Professional

The last but not the least paid media content promotion strategy is you getting a professional content marketer to do the job for you.

If you are a part-time blogger or too busy to use the any of the mention content distribution channels listed above, then hiring an expert in content marketing or digital marketer that specialises in content distribution.

It’s either you get engaged a content marketing consultant that will work with your already available content marketing team. Or, you engage a digital marketing firm that’s an expert in your industry. 

Conclusion on Content promotion strategies

There’s nothing so pleasing to any person, businesses or brand than seeing their content in front of thousands of audience and having a high degree of online visibility.

These three content promotion channels are great ways to start your content distribution and go viral on the internet and social media platforms.

But the most profitable of all is the paid media channel, but if you are starting out you should experiment on all three and get to know the ones that best suit your brand.

Owned media is a good start and as time goes, you can utilise the paid marketing for a greater distribution. If you see any content performing well, don’t hesitate to use the paid media to scale up.

As there any other content distribution strategies you have make use of and had success, please let other readers benefit from your wealth of experience by leaving a comment.

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