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Actionable Tips to Starting With Online Business
Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch With These 8 Proven Steps
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Start Affiliate Marketing From Scratch With These 8 Proven Steps

Start Affiliate Marketing Made Easy, In this post, I will be guiding you through all you need to know about affiliate marketing, and how to make money online with it.

How to make money online is the dream of everyone, and running an online business has to stay in the digital world.

You can start to make money online from the comfort of your bedroom,

Thanks to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an online business, where you can make money online and build an empire of your own, and if you are aiming to make money online, then you can try affiliate marketing.

This is an in-depth guide for beginners to start making money through affiliate marketing.

Let us get started:

Disclaimer: contained in this post are affiliate link can earns me little commission at no cost for clicking.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing may well have become known in the digital age,

However, the tricks and tips on which it works is not new.

Let me explain it further,

Have you at any time talked to someone about any product and service?

Probably a new gadget, books, or home appliance, which you bought and loved?

That you talked to them about its benefits, and why they will love it if they should buy it.

Like, you have bought a new smart phone in recent times.

Afterward you came across your colleague or a friend in college,

And you shared how the new smart phone has a unique feature compared to other brand.

Affiliate Marketing
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Web Solution Blog

Sooner or later, your friend too bought the same product after your recommended.

Another example,

You are fervent book reader,

In addition, friends, colleague and neighbours within your circle,

Come to you for ideas whenever they want to try reading.

They ask for books of different genre and you assist them and recommend which book they should read.

In the end, your friends go with the product you recommended.

The two scenarios I just expalined are an example of affiliate marketing.

In simply terms, you affiliated for the smartphone brand and the books.

Should there be a commission tagged to your recommendations?

You have just earn money for affiliating.

Simply you say…

In the digital world,

You are paid for affiliating products to users.

Whenever you read through newspapers and blogs,

Have you read an article where the blogger published a review of a particular product?

As a norm, website or blog owners append a buying link to their site,

So if any visitor is convinced and want to buy the product,

He or she can comfortably do so by clicking on that link.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business where an online vendor pays you a commission for driving traffic,

On the other hand, generate sales from your referrals.

Furthermore, you might have watched where a Vlogger is giving a review of a product and put a link in the description through which you can purchase them.

These links that you click from the website banner, article or the video descriptions are called affiliate links.

Affiliate links are assigned to affiliate marketer.

So, when the purchase are made through the link; the affiliate earns commission.

Reasons You Should Start Affiliate Marketing?

Besides affiliate marketing, you can do blogging, vlogging, drop shipping,

These are other online business you can make money from.

If you are looking for other online businesses where you can make money from,

Check my 7 online business you can start and make money.

It is very important also, to know and understand what online business is before you start.

Let us continue.

You can become an Instagram influencer, or YouTuber by uploading a particular kind of content of an exact niche,

Travelling, fashion, technology, lifestyle, medical and so on.

Wondering what niche to start to your blog with?

Read 10 best niches you can blog with and make money online.

These channels can give you profitable returns, if you are steady and master of your niche.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing

This model of online business has numerous advantages,

Here are the benefits of affiliate marketing,

That has set itself aside as one of the best online business,

Where you make money online from the comfort of your bedroom.

1. Affiliate Marketing is Very Flexible

This is the part I love most,

With this model, you can run it from anywhere and at anytime.

You can program your own schedule and organize a plan for your work every day.

In a case where you are forced to travel,

With your laptop, tab, or pad, you can go along with your desk.

As an affiliate marketer,

importance of digital marketing
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Affiliate Marketing

All you need to is a laptop or a desktop and a decent internet connection.

Affiliate marketing can help you to dive in other activities you wish.

In addition, you are your own boss, as you do not need to report to anyone.

As there are no nobody, or senior management who will check your activities or record.

However, you need to constantly put in effort,

To build your online business and make money online,

In other to generate a full-time income.

2. Incomes are Exceptional

Affiliate marketing can earn you six figures income.

According to study, 8% of affiliate marketers earn at least $50K to $100K.

Moreover, if you affiliate with a profitable product,

You can earn as high as 100K.

Enough research is needed, to find the right products,

This is because, 75% commission are paid per sale.

With steady smart work, you will start to make money from you online business,

As 12% of affiliate marketers,

Are making slightly $100,000 from their online business as affiliate marketer.

3. No Physical Selling

With this kind of online business, you sell your products without going anywhere.

Does this not sound sweet?

So, travelling from one place to another selling your products is needless.

Besides, hiring or employing salespeople to go door-to-door for you as been taken care of.

Because, with a website or blog like this,

You can sell products.

With the advancement of the internet,

Affiliate marketing increases the space of sales business,

By providing a flexible and enabling platform for selling.

Affiliate program
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Marketer Monitoring Sales

As an affiliate, who wants to make money through online business,

You need a blog or website, where you can publish relevant and quality content,  

On the other hand, place a banner to sell products.

Learn to create quality content by reading my 7 key point to create a great content for your blog.

4. It is very Affordable

Affordability is the key importance of affiliate marketing.

It is relatively cheaper than normal or conventional selling.

With conventional market, printing and selling of pamphlets are required,

And handbills to advertise your products,

On the other hand, as already discussed, hire salespeople for it.

Here, you just have to own a blog or website,

Want to start a Blog?

Follow my 5 steps to creating an awesome blog for you online business,

And start to make money blogging.

Make certain you have a stable internet connection and need a desktop or Laptop.

With critical skills and well in-depth study, you can make millions of dollars.

5. You Earn Money While You Sleep

Affiliate marketing gives you opportunity to make money while you sleep.

But the earnings from your marketing promotion,

Is equally relative to how much zeal you put in selling.

If you are fortunate in finding a profitable generating product,

You can relatively earn money while you are sleeping.

The more you sales you make quickly, more money will flow to your accounts.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing from Scratch?

Many marketing platform are available on the internet,

Where you can advertise your products and increase your affiliate sales.

There is a rule to getting started to this lucrative platform,

In addition, generate a passive income stream.

Note: Before starting an online business, there are certain truths you need to make.

Here are 6 truths you must know before you start an online business.

Affiliate marketing is an online business of patience.

Do not expect inflow of thousands into your account within a week of starting.

In contrast to conventional jobs,

Do not imagine monthly cash flow into your account.

Much effort needs to be put place to guarantee steady income.

You need to be aware of the fact that,

 A successful affiliate marketing technique and practice requires futuristic vision.

1. Sign Up in any Affiliate Networks

To become an affiliate marketer,

Signing up in affiliate networks that provide a lot of products to promote,

Is the first step.

These networks work as a third party between affiliate marketers and merchant affiliate programs.

They have series of products to choose from.

Renowned affiliate networks are also known as affiliate marketing websites,

Below are the most popular and most recommend

Join shareasale.com, Earn Cash!



WP Engine – Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates



After signing up;

2. Choose a Niche

The initial fundamental step to affiliate marketing is choosing a niche.

The foundation for strategic advertising is a niche.

It will decide who will be your audience,

Where they are located, what are their demographics and so on.

Going with these data, you can create your content and select your product rightly.

You can do affiliate marketing on any niche and for any product.

Are you confused of the niche to blog with?

Check out my 10 blog niche you can blog and make money

You just need to survey the internet,

And intensively research more about the niche you want to try.

You can start selling products for which you are passionate about first,

Like gadgets, cosmetics, online tools, etc.

To start,

You can sell Amazon products by signing up for Amazon’s associate program,

In addition, this affiliate network will allow you to sell millions of Amazon products.

As a matter of fact,

Amazon has one of the biggest affiliate networks.

3. Planning and strategizing

For you to make money from your online business,

Planning and strategy is very important

Just like any other marketing feeds,

You need to strategize;

How to promote your website or blog,

The kind of products to market and sell,

In addition, the amount of time you need to invest daily,

Towards building a continuous, passive income as an affiliate marketer.

Should you be a fulltime employee or a student,

A strategic planning,

Will help you abide to your regular timing and build a work-life balance.

Recommend Readings: How to do Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy That Will help Your Business

4. Product Analysis

After choosing your niche and planning your timing,

A properly researched product is the next key factor.

Product analysis is the most factor part of your affiliate marketing career.

You should not promote all the products as you wish,

Because it will not work that way.

With the kind of product you choose,

Build a website around that product, where users will come and explore.

For this reason, place related products in accordance to your website niche.

Relevancy is the key.

Let say, you created a website or start a blog for health tips and tricks,

In addition, you place affiliate links to buy weight loss and some sort of health related product.

On the other hand, the other pages of your website contain links to electronics or gym equipment.

It will not work that way.

You have to trade on relevancy on the content you are creating,

In addition, products you are promoting through it.

Because the quality of your content,

Determines how engaging your users are, to your website and converting them to buyers.

Tips for Product Relevancy

It helps promote products;

  • From Others in Your Niche
  • or Already Use
  • That Fill a Need
  • Your Audience Wants to Know About
  • From Others in Your Niche.

5. Build a Website

Once you’ve found a profitable niche that you’re excited about,

you’re ready to build a website and blog.

Namecheap great guide,

EasyWP. It's time for the fastest WP host
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Clicking on the above web host company you;

Pay $28.8 for EasyWp Starter from Namecheap.

Also, receive 73% discount domain and hosting from Bluehost.

I have hosted two of my websites from the two companies.

Either of the two companies will help you choose the best blogging platform,

That will beyond doubt make this process a lot easier.

New to WordPress? Read my WordPress and How to Navigate through the Dashboard.

Should you choose a website,

The prime spotlight of your site is your blog,

But there are pages that you should deem including,

And these pages are a MUST for affiliate marketers.

A Must Pages For Affiliate Marketers

About:  This is the section about you and let people get to know you a little.

Contact:  In this section, you include your contact information that you want to share with your readers, advertisers, or potential partners.

Disclaimer:  This section tells your website visitors your site is monetized, explain how it is.

Privacy Policy:  Privacy Policy page tells your users how their data are collected and how that it is used.

Terms of Service:  This is a legal page limiting your liability in the event of abuse of information or services provided on your site. And responsibilities regarding copyrights and trademarks.

Custom 404 Page:  This page help improve the user experience.

Advertise:  If you plan on selling on-site ads, include a page for advertisers with information                                                about available spots, monthly views, audience demographics, and a contact form.

Ensure that your policies are clear and sincere to avoid confusion and to build trust with your audience.

6. Quality Content Is Next

To make money from your online business,

You need compelling and engage content.

As much as your page framework is, ready to go,

Quality content is what you need.

A number of affiliate networks and programs,

Drive more traffic to your online store using performance based marketing.

Requires you to have an established content,

Site traffic, and monthly views at a certain level, before you can be accepted as an affiliate.

Be sure to go through the eligibility requirements a particular network,

And programs you are bearing in mind to apply.

This does not suggest you have to create 50 blog posts,

Before thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer,

Nevertheless, it is necessary you have at least 5 quality posts already on your site,

 With more scheduled.

No time to write?

Articoolo, will be of assistance.

With less than $1, and 2 to 3 topics, you create quality article for your blog.

Check Articoolo out.

New to content marketing?  

I have an excellent beginner’s guide to content marketing to help you get started.

And, definitely check out my SEO guide to help optimize your content to drive traffic to your site!

7. Grow Your Email List

An email list is a special list of names and email addresses of people,

Who gave you permission to send them updates and promotions from your business.

You can build your email list inside a marketing software,

And send bulk email notifications to everyone regarding your blog updates and your affiliating products.

What does this mean to you?

website strategies and goals
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That it is 3800% worth it to invest some time and money into growing your email list.

One of the easiest ways to grow your email list is by adding a popup to your site:

For starters,

With $0 budget, I recommend Mailchimp, though it has it’s pro version.

You can send free 2000 mails to your subscribers.

Should you want to invest in email marketing,

Get started with OptinMonster today to create your own awesome popups!

Do not worry if you have never done email marketing before,

We all have to start somewhere.

I have a beginner’s guide to email marketing that will take you from zero to automating your email marketing campaign in no time.

Because email subscribers connected your email list from your website,

And verified their identity by clicking on a link (double-optin),

Because they are really interested in what you have to offer.

This is why they are more likely to convert into paying customers.

In our online business, email list gets 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns.

This makes sense,

If you think about the reasons, that make email an incredibly powerful communication channel.

8. Driving Traffic to Your Website

For your online business and product expansion,

Finding an appropriate audience and showcasing your services to them,

Are the most essential factors to produce ROI.

After choosing your product and create an attractive website for your affiliate marketing,

Your subsequent job is to build a strong audience who visits your website on a regular basis.

You can go for search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, email marketing, social media marketing,

Should you want to invest in marketing.

SEO with content marketing is an excellent technique to promote your website initially.

You need to create and publish helpful and appropriate content of a particular niche to your audience.

Recommend Reading: How to Increase Website Search Engine Visibility, How to build Online Presence


Becoming successful in affiliate marketing involves a mixture of every step discussed above.

From the affiliate network to picking your niche,

Building a robust website to generating traffic on it.

Affiliate marketing calls for time and energy to succeed.

But once you have picked just the right niche and established your website,

Your commission earning will increase.

Affiliate marketing requires a determined attitude,

And hunger for exploring possibilities of online business.

Stick to basics and be persistent in your hustle of achieving excellence.

Do let us know what do you think about the ideas discussed in this article.

Also, if you too have experience in affiliate marketing, share it with our audience in the comments.

Your insights will help someone change his life through affiliate marketing.

Originally posted 2020-06-13 11:00:00.

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