10 Digital Marketing Strategy That Will Help Your Business

This is the best Digital marketing strategy that will boost your online business and online presence. You cannot get it wrong with these strategies, because this is the proven strategy.

Are you starting a business online? Or you want to grow your website search engine visibility, you need a well-structured digital marketing strategy to establish a brand.

Advancing your business or company online in recent time is a big business. In spite of everything, the way people surf the internet has increased tremendously over the years.

This swing has greatly impacted the way sales and buying of products online takes place and how they are intermingled with businesses.

The internet today is packed with many businesses and you must employ an unusual strategy to stay on top of your game.

But with a well-planned digital marketing strategy, you are your way to the top.

Digital marketing is one way to bond and motivate your thinkable online shoppers. You just need to connect and inspire your buyers online. Read also the importance of digital marketing and common digital marketing mistakes to avoid.

Let us define digital marketing;

Introduction to Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is an online marketing technique that help familiarize your online business or company to people and motivate them to become both your audience and customer.

Tools like PPC (pay-per click), Email marketing, Social media marketing and blogging are great digital marketing strategy that works best and help your business sky rocket online.

Let us talk about the resources needed in digital marketing

Digital Marketing Resources

A lot of persons do not know the resources needed for digital marketing, these tools helps in marketing or advertising your business online. To gain momentum these resources are very important.

Examples of the resources needed for marketing online;

  • Website: You need to build a business website to help run digital marketing Website logos: You need a logo as a brand for your business
  • Website Contents: Your website needs a quality and well written content like blog posts, eBooks, product narratives, or video content for promotion
  • Business Images: Create infographics, product shots, company photos that represent your brand.
  • Online products: Digital products are needed to help advertise your brand online.
  • Reviews: Creating product reviews is another awesome digital marketing resources
  • Social media pages: Social media pages are a great digital marketing strategy for every online business.

Aside from the above categories of online marketing resources, we have many other sub-categories.

There are more and more ways to reach out to customers on the internet, but most of which falls into either of the mentioned categories.

Now that I have given you the most appropriate online marketing resources, let dive into the strategies.

The 10 Digital Marketing Strategy

Over the years, online marketing strategies has changed and the most relevant ones used by most well-known online businesses are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Web Solution Blog

What is SEO is the most used digital marketing strategy that help online business owners rank search engine result pages (SERPs) through blog posts.

This is a free method of ranking on the search engine organically. This is also the reasons why your business needs SEO.

With a quality SEO-optimize posts, people can find you when they search for some topic using keywords relating to your business. Learn how to use keywords in content writing for SEO

Though it might take a while to rank, but SEO will favour you in the long run.

Content Marketing  

Content marketing is a marketing method that entails a high-quality content that help to boost traffic over time.

Blog posts, Information graphics, Video Contents or eBooks are content resources that make up content marketing.

This marketing strategy alleviates page’s authority and as people relate with it, it increases its influence.

With content marketing you can build authority in your industry that will increase clicks, leads and sales.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Aside from SEO and Content marketing strategy that are free marketing methods, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is one digital marketing strategy that allows you to pay for every person that clicks on your ads.

Facebook Ads (paid social media advertising) and Google AdWords (paid search advertising) are examples of PPC advertising system you can make use of.

Paid Search Advertising

This is the best paid digital marketing strategy: it helps you target possible buyers who are aggressively looking for what you are offering.

Popular Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo let you manage text ads on their SERPs. With these text ads, you can market and create an authority in your space.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Another paid digital marketing system is the Paid Social Media Advertising, it is the best approach to build up familiarity with your readers and create awareness about your business.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and LinkedIn are the well-known social media platforms that let you run ads on their sites and popularize you brand.

Social Media Marketing

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Web Solution Blog

Another free digital marketing strategy is the social media marketing. With Facebook or twitter, you can drive organic traffic to your website and market your business or products.

It is also another way to drive organic traffic to advertise your business and products.

Similar to SEO, marketing your product or business on social media platform organically will take energy and time, but as time goes, it will convey a cheaper outcome.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the ability and discipline of making better your online user experience.

With an existing drive of traffic, most business owner use this method of marketing strategy to increase conversions which include leads, chats, calls and sales.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a content marketing advertising that make use of content to invite clicks. Most native advertising is found at the base of an article or post under a list of suggested articles.

Though native advertising is not noticeable in most website, as it is merged with non-paid article on the site. This is why I termed this kind of strategy as a unique digital marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

The oldest method of digital marketing strategy is the email marketing, and it is still the strongest but you have to build an email list to start using email marketing.

Email marketing according to Direct Marketing Association, typically ascertains a 4300% profit on investment (ROI) for businesses in the United States.

Using email marketing will help you promote exceptional sells, important content and sponsored event.

Affiliate Marketing

In terms of digital marketing strategy, affiliate marketing, for all intents and purpose is paying someone different either a person or a business to endorse your products and services on their website.

This is in contrast to receiving commission for driving traffic or sales to an online retailer, with is another definition of affiliate marketing in terms of making money online.

From the above listed marketing strategy, marketing your business online can take any of these form or method.

This is the reason a lot of business owners either engage a digital marketing bureau or an internal marketing team and email marketing service provider to manage their marketing needs.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing Strategy

It is easy to start with either of the marketing strategy as you can sign up and create your first promotion with one of the online advertising platforms.

The true success of any digital marketing promotion is not the guides but your intents and your set goals.

You must be able to answer these 4 questions before you can start with digital marketing:

1. What Will Be My Return-On-Investment

Intent and goal is very important in planning with any of the digital marketing strategy.

In getting a return-on-investment depends on your supreme objective either to increase clicks, sales, revenue, conversions or leads.

With intent and goal in mind, how much profit you will drive in should be what you will decide with your digital marketing financial plan.

With this financial plan, you can know what to spend on ads and what you expect as ROI.

2. Who Are Your Targets?

As you implement any of the digital marketing strategy and how much you want to invest, the next key point is to have a targeted audience.

Targeting your audience should be highly regarded at this time, this is because you need to treat different shoppers with its own marketing strategy.

Let me remind you at this moment that, you must figure out who your target audiences are for you to be able to carry out a well operational marketing strategy.

How to figure out your targeted audience.

Hire a sales Team: Getting a sales team is the fastest means to help figure out your audience.

Do your research: Doing an extensive research about who your target audience is important. This is to help you plan your strategies well. 

Take a survey: Conduct a survey asking your audience how you were found, reasons why they are converted and what convinced they to buy.

With this detailed information you have collected, it will give you an in-depth of your digital marketing strategy you need to put in place and the sales procedures that will both enhance your promotion and your advertising financial plans.

3. What Importance Do You Place On Your Customers?

The best way to create a feasible digital marketing strategy is measure the buyers’ importance. Your customers value will help you coin together a very good and operational marketing strategy.

4. What Is Your Budget to Meeting Your Intent?

Planning your marketing budget is very important, with a proper planning, you get to know which of the digital marketing channel will be good for your budget.

It could be PPC, Paid search Advertising or Paid Social Media Advertising.
With a proper budget plan that meets the right marketing channel, you can achieve a great result that will burst your bubble!

Digital Marketing and Mobile-Experience

It is important I let you know that, presently: the mobile encounter about digital marketing is very different from the desktop encounter.

This is because, in this present day digital world, the primary device people make use of to surf the internet is the mobile phones.

Everyone communicate with the internet using their smartphones, as a matter of fact most of you reading this post now make use of either your mobile phone, tab or pad.

It is more easy to go around with smartphone than PC or desktop.

With the high rate of mobile devices commotion on the internet, there is a swift change from the desktop experience to mobile.

This change has brought about a dynamic effect on all digital marketing strategy.

Mobile Experience

Google last year removed Google Ads from its search engine result pages (SERPs) sidebar, this is to create a stable and good user-friendly interface between mobile and desktop.

Also, Facebook now display some in-stream ads on mobile, but still display sidebar ads on desktop.

Frankly speaking, in our present day digital marketing sphere, it is important to know that 70% of persons with come in contact to your advertising on their mobile devices first and will thereafter become accustomed to your strategy on their desktop, if the need be.

So, as you plan your digital marketing strategy for your business, ensure to put mobile-experience first, as this will go a long way to produce you great results and sales.

Aside as enhancing or optimizing your advertising for mobile users, provide your users a good website and landing page feel and experience.

If you have an awesome user experience on desktop and a difficult navigation on mobile, you will jeopardize your effort and scaring away your website visitors.

Ensure to have a good desktop and mobile experience, let your site have a good mobile navigation.

Design your mobile experience to precisely meet the need of your user, in a way that they will effortless map out their needs on your site.

This will motivate your visitors to return becoming leads and end up as your shoppers. Does that not sound good?

What everyone must know, be it new, intermediate or advance advertisers, digital marketing is basically now a mobile UX.

But as a beginner, you do not need to think of another invention. Just kick start a digital marketing strategy, be creative and come up with a resounding mobile ads, the desktop version will flow in.


Let me tell you one hard truth, the way any person or business will advertise their product and services tomorrow or in the future is through Digital Marketing.

With a well-planned digital marketing strategy, you can achieve 1000% revenue as ROI.

If you follow the strategies in this article, I assure that you can measure the outcome of your marketing strategy with remarkable precision.

With this it is easy to see which of the digital marketing strategy is yielding cost-effective results and the one that needs some adjustment.

So if my article has positively open your eye to necessitate digital marketing in your business or you need assistance in your marketing plan to boost your intents online, let me know here.

I will love to help grow your business with digital marketing.

Do you have supplementary questions you want to ask about digital marketing strategy? Drop a comment about it!

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