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Actionable Tips to Starting With Online Business
10 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
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10 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest most common digital marketing mistakes to avoid for your brand or online business need to avoid is the main focus of this post. With digital marketing strategies trends like search engine optimization, Email marketing, paid and free social media marketing, content marketing, to mention but a few, digital marketing mistakes is unavoidable.

You don’t need to be upset about your online marketing mistakes, because after reading through the most common marketing mistakes I will be listing and how to resolve them, you are sure to increase your online presence and sales.

Or are you looking for digital marketing mistakes to avoid to ensure you are on top of your game, then you are on the right page.

So, in this guide, I will take you through the 10 most common digital marketing mistakes and the best practices to take to avoid them.

The 10 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

1. Not having a practical digital marketing Objectives

Not having a realistic and targeted marketing campaign is the main common digital marketing mistakes online today.

If your online business has no aim and objectives, you won’t know what’s up with your campaign. This is because, you have not set and target for the campaign to meet and as such, you won’t know when and how your campaign is fulfilling its mandate.

There is a saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Any business devoid of targeted goal is running up to fail. Without a business realistic plans, you won’t be able to ascertain your results, even if you have put up a very good marketing strategies.

It is more disheartening not to know the outcome of your business campaign after been set-up. A digital marketing mistakes that happens to most marketers.

So if you don’t set and track your marketing goals, you will end up frustrated, because you will not know if you campaign is yielding result or not and won’t know if the ads you are running is worth it or not.

Finally, you won’t know how and where to improve you campaign.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistakes

digital marketing mistakes
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In setting plans for your digital marketing campaign, use the SMART goals to achieve the ultimate result. This is an acronym used mostly in achieving and attaining realistic targeted-goals.

Let me explain each of the letters to help you understand it properly:  

S-Specific: Any goal you are setting must specific, you should how many clicks or conversion you are expecting. With this in mind, you are off from committing this kind of digital marketing blunder. Let move to the next letter M

M-Measurable: After you have set a specific target for you marketing ads or campaign, you must be able to scale or measure it, since you are familiar with what you are expecting from your campaign. With the appropriate information and metrics, you can achieve this.

The next in line is A.

A-Achievable: Any internet marketing campaign without aims and objectives can’t be achievable. It’s only with a written down objectives that any marketing campaign would be achieved. With what you want to accomplished in mind or noted down, knowing how to start and when to stop, you marketing campaign with be very easy to achieve.

The next letter is R

R-Realistic: When I tell you that your online marketing campaign must be realistic, I mean it should be within your resources and budget. Any campaign beyond your resources and budget won’t be a realistic campaign. You must continuously re-evaluate your goals to help you realise you plans.

Okay, T

T-Time-Frame: Your target must always have a specific time-frame you want it run. Putting in place a time frame to the goals to want to meet will not only help you keep track but will help you maintain focus. Setting up time limits, you’ll get to measure your ROI.

2. Reaching the Wrong Audience

marketing mistakes
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Wrong Audience

Another digital marketing mistakes to avoid is not knowing your audience. Frankly speaking, this is the biggest mistake marketer make, targeting a very broad audience.

Though most businesses try targeting a very large audience, because they need more persons, and end up not having sales and are then discouraged.

While others seems they have targeted an audience, but unknown to them, they targeted the wrong audience resulting into financial and time waste.

For you to target interested persons, you must narrow your search.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistakes

Targeting the right audience with your campaign needs a lot of research and experimenting.

It’s important to know those who will like and buy what you’re offering, this can be achieved after due research.

One way to overcome this Digital marketing mistakes example is to create a marketing persona.

This is a technique employed to enhance and improve customer-centred communications. This will eventually enable you to plan the best user experience for your customer at all action points, this is the main success feature in recent times.

Examples of marketing personas are based on dates’ collected from previous sales made, like:

  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Hobbies
  • Buying habits
  • Age

With these information, you can target your audience effectively, more so, if you care to create more than one marketing personas, you can.

Combining either of these can help you target wider or narrower audience, with much ROI. With this you have overcome this type of digital marketing mistakes

3. Not Having A User-Friendly Website design

website strategies and goals
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User-friendly Website

Another most common digital marketing mistakes to avoid is ignoring the user experience of website after building a website. We are in the age where most persons uses their mobile phone for almost everything, from search information online to watching tutorial videos.

To succeed in your online business, this is a must have. A user-friendly website is very important for every business, this is because your user will easily access and navigate your website for valuable information and content.

Providing an optimized site for your users will help increase your website visibility and increase your organic traffic. Read how to implement website strategies and goals to your business.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistakes

This kind of online marketing blunder can be overcome by ensuring your website is user-friendly optimize. Read the Importance of Digital marketing and what is SEO in digital marketing.

Follow these steps:

Easy Navigation: Make sure you have good website structure and navigation, and experiment with it using different devices to ascertain it works well across all devices.

Mobile-Responsive: Endeavour that all your website’s content and element is responsive, that is, it fit any device your user might be viewing from.

Good Page Speed: Make sure your website file size which include images, videos and GIFs are compressed enough to allow your pages load quick on any browser.

4. Not Considering search engine optimization (SEO)

Not optimizing a website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most common digital marketing mistakes companies make. Search engines like Google and Bing uses SEO to display your website or business content and pages to those who need them.

Search Engine Optimization is the means through which anyone can find information on the internet.

SEO is also one of the ways to fix low organic website traffic, for people across the globe or your locality to find your business online; you must include SEO in your digital marketing strategy.

This is because, with SEO you would reach new people, make excellent conversions and results from your business.

Many businesses make this digital Marketing mistakes of not giving SEO quality time to develop, this is because SEO develop in a long time and with patience.

Not allowing adequate amount of time for SEO to start yielding results is the common biggest digital marketing mistakes companies make. But with patience, you will get results beyond your imagination.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistakes

The best practice to incorporate SEO into your web pages is to know how to do keyword research. it’s also important to know how to use keywords in content writing for SEO.

With a well researched keyword, you increase your website search engine visibility and you target your audience qualitatively: that is, when people search for the keyword you use on search engine, your website or content shows on search engine as a result of their query.

If you map out your blog posts around the keywords people are looking for, enables you to reach quality and significant conversions.

Ensure to take your time to research what people are looking for online, use them as the keyword for your blog posts or website contents to target them valuably.

Other SEO best practices are:

  • Writing create content
  • Optimizing your website for Page Speed
  • Ensuring your title tags optimize for search engine.

5. Not Remarketing To Leads

This is another biggest digital marketing mistakes most companies or businesses make, they tend to run after new customers and putting aside those leads that has indicated interest in their products and services.

These companies constantly focus on getting new customers, instead of getting these leads for conversion.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistakes

The best way to avoid this digital marketing mistakes is to start a remarketing strategy. The realistic way to achieve this is creating or building an email list via email marketing campaign.

Let me quickly explain remarketing for better understanding; this is the process of advertising again your product and services your leads again, and to ensure they buy them.

The best method for reminding them is through email marketing, and this is base on what they have attempted to buy before or indicated interest to.

You can offer them a discount on a particular product or remind them of a product left in the cart, to give them an opportunity to be converted.

Making use of remarketing ads to target audience and reconnect them, will ensure conversion.

6. Not Using Blogging For Building Brand Identity

This is one common digital marketing mistakes some businesses tend to overlook; they create a website, include the necessary pages without starting a blog or they start blogging and abandon it after updating the site with few blog posts.

Blog is one very good way to build a brand and create an authority. It’s also an important way to drive traffic and increase your website’s ranking on search engines, thereby establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

With a good blogging tips and tricks, your business can grow exceeding great and benefit from all blogging can offer.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistakes

This is what to do to get the best of what blogging gets to offer:

Be Consistent with Your Blog: you must be consistent with blogging to get the best out of it. If you constantly update your blog with great content, you grow your reach and subsequently drive in more audience to your business.

Ensure you write quality content: Creating quality takes time, which I know, but you must give it the time but if you need a content writer, you can contact us. Great and unique content is that content that delivers and satisfies the queries of your readers.

Allow Feedbacks From Your Audience: Create room for feedbacks from your readers, let the comment box of your blog be an engaging section for your audience allowing them to share their opinion thereby getting back to read more.

7. Not Using The Social Media Platform

One truth about social media is an estimated 3.6 billion people are on social media and a projected increase of 4.41 billion in 2025 is expected soonest, this is according to Statista.

As of august 2020, the world population is 7.8 billion, so mathematically, almost have of the world’s population are on social media. So if you are not on or using social media, you are making the biggest digital marketing mistakes.

With social media, you can establish networks of customers and increase your connect and build your brand as well as getting new audience on board.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistakes

To overcome this digital marketing blunder, ensure to first understand the right social media that best fits your need or your business. Then, identify when your audience spends their time on that platform, afterwards you can begin posting your content regularly to engage them.

You can also make use of social media marketing which is one of the digital marketing strategies most business make use of now. This is investing in ads using the social media advertising platform.

Social media advertising will show your ads to relevant audience’ newsfeed and base on there interest, they will targeted.

Other benefits of social media are:

  • Create your brand’s awareness to the audience and increasing loyalty
  • Driving prospects to your business and conversions
  • Minimising your budget as compared to offline convectional marketing
  • Your customer experience improves as you make use of social media.

8. Investing in multiple strategies without proper dedication

Investing and dedication to your investment is very important in marketing, but putting in your finances in multiply marketing strategy and not putting in the needed dedication is another common biggest digital marketing mistakes most businesses make.

You might be too busy running multiple marketing plans and might not be wholly committed to all at the same time.

Not giving your marketing strategy the needed time and dedication, you won’t get the best result and will end up frustrating. You need time and dedication to build your business marketing strategies for it to yield the needed results.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistake

The best way to overcome this digital marketing blunder is to get in touch with digital marketing experts to help you run an effective digital marketing strategy.

It will be best for you to consult Web Solution for an effective digital marketing strategy and get the most out of your campaign without raising your fingers.

9. Not Utilizing Customers’ metric Data and Insights for Marketing Strategy

This is an overlooked but the biggest digital marketing mistakes companies make. To make the most out of any digital marketing strategy, data is very important.

For you to scale up in your campaign, your previous customer’s metric data and insights is the pillar for your success. With these data, you can target a précised audience, through their interest, geographical location and much more.

As a digital marketer, there are numerous types of data I make use of to analysis my customers. You can also use these data to run an effective digital marketing strategy framework.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistake

Examples of some metric data are click rate, response rate, funnel conversion rate, average time on page, feedback to engagement and page insights to measure but a few.

Big data analysis is the pillar to a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s important to process these data and create the information needed to run an effective digital marketing strategy.

Follow these steps:

  • Gather your data using Google analytics
  • Process these data
  • Analysis these data base on your campaign
  • Create a digital marketing plan template

After which you can use you plan template to run an effective digital marketing campaign. Data is a great tool that will help you to create the perfect digital marketing strategy for ultimate result.

Data is the sure method to run a result-driven kind of campaign.

10. Neglecting Digital Marketing Case Studies

Neglecting digital marketing case study is another marketing mistake to avoid, and this is very common with even big companies.

It is very important to go through a high-ranking case study that have yielded result in your industry or niche and utilise it in your digital marketing campaign.

Analysing a top-rated case study will help you design a very good online campaign.

Best Practices to overcome this Digital Marketing Mistake

  • Get a digital marketing case study
  • Study and analyze it
  • Implement it.

Digital marketing case study is one of the best way to increase your productive. It is also a very effective digital marketing tools to help convert leads to customers.


Digital marketing is the future of marketing and also the trending way to get and drive customers to business.

So, it’s not a crime to fall victim of any of these common digital marketing mistakes, but it will be degrading to know of these digital marketing blunders and not take the necessary action for productive.

I believe if the best practices are followed, you can never go wrong. If you have any other mistakes not listed or any opinion need to help the audience, you can drop it in the comment box.

Originally posted 2020-08-30 22:47:59.

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